Strawberry Moon Spiritual Meanings (2022 and 2023)

The Strawberry Moon represents a period of development and fresh starts. This is the time to sow the seeds of your goals and watch them come true.

Hence, be careful to set your intentions during this beautiful moon phase, regardless of your goals for the upcoming year.

Take some time to relax and breathe in the warm June air. As summer officially starts, it has a pleasantly aromatic scent. The summer sun is blooming at its peak while lush green leaves sway in the soft air.

Each full moon has a unique name depending on the month or year it appears. People could consider how each season impacts them and the natural world by giving each full moon a name. The names of the Full Moons vary slightly depending on where they originated.

The Strawberry Moon is a full moon that occurs in June and has spiritual significance. The name comes from the Algonquin Native American tribe in the northeastern US and eastern Canada, who named it after the wild strawberries that ripen during this time of year ready for harvest. The spiritual meaning behind the Strawberry Moon includes love, luck, tenacity, positivity, curiosity, optimism, grit, and openness. The Strawberry Moon is also associated with harnessing inner wisdom and embracing what you know to be true. The Strawberry Moon is also a time for optimism, magic, pleasure, and wonder

What Is The Strawberry Moon?

The full moon in June, usually around the summer solstice, is known as the “strawberry moon.” The moon is revered as a potent representation of feminine energy, intuition, and emotional receptivity in numerous spiritual and cultural traditions.

The same-named fruit, frequently regarded as a symbol of love, sweetness, and abundance, is connected to the strawberry moon.

The strawberry moon is seen in some Native American traditions as a time to appreciate the earth’s blessings and forge deeper ties to nature.

In a spiritual sense, the strawberry moon is a chance to develop a more profound appreciation and gratitude for our life’s benefits and widen our hearts to the abundance and love around us. It can also be a period for contemplation, self-examination, and strengthening our spiritual routines.

Strawberry Moon Spiritual Meanings


The Strawberry Moon, with its alluring name and radiant presence, holds a deeper spiritual significance that resonates with many.

1) Abundance and fertility

In many cultures, the strawberry moon is linked to fertility and abundance. This is so because June is a month when crops are abundant, and strawberries are thought to represent fertility and new beginnings.

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So, the strawberry moon can be viewed as a time to literally and figuratively rejoice in the results of our effort.

2) Transformation and growth

The strawberry moon is seen by some spiritual traditions as a time of change and development. This could result from the full moon’s frequent associations with the beginnings and endings of cycles.

It’s a perfect moment to take stock of how far we’ve come regarding our spiritual and personal development and make plans for the future.

3) Appreciation and thankfulness

The strawberry moon can also be viewed as a moment to show our gratitude for the benefits of our existence. This is especially pertinent given the month’s richness and the chance to recognize and express gratitude for our blessings.

4) Community and connection

The strawberry moon can be viewed as a time to foster community and connections with people. This could entail connecting with those who share our spiritual convictions and values or celebrating the season with loved ones. We can help one another along our respective paths of development and change.

5) Awakening and renewal

The Strawberry Moon arrives during the peak of summer, a season of warmth and vitality. Spiritually, it signifies a time of awakening and renewal, inviting us to reconnect with our inner selves and align with our true purpose.

It encourages us to shed old patterns, embrace personal growth, and step into our authentic power.

6) Emotional healing

The Strawberry Moon’s energy has a profound effect on our emotions, providing an opportunity for emotional healing and release. It illuminates areas within ourselves that require attention and invites us to delve deep into our emotional landscape.

By acknowledging and working through unresolved emotions, we can find healing, restoration, and a greater sense of inner peace.

7) Manifestation and intention setting

As a potent time of manifestation, the Strawberry Moon provides a powerful opportunity to set intentions and bring our dreams to fruition. Its energy amplifies our intentions, helping to align our thoughts and actions with our deepest desires.

By harnessing the energy of the Strawberry Moon, we can manifest positive change in our lives and manifest our truest aspirations.

When was the Strawberry Moon 2022?

The full Moon in June of 2022 is called the Strawberry Moon. The event occurs on June 14 and peaks at 7:52 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

When Will be the Strawberry Moon 2023?

The Strawberry Moon in 2023 is set to occur on Saturday, June 3rd. This is the date when the full moon will be visible in the night sky, appearing as a round, bright disk fully illuminated by the sun’s rays.

The New Strawberry Moon, on the other hand, will take place on Friday, May 19th. It’s worth noting that the specific characteristics of the moon, such as its appearance and color, remain the same regardless of the month it occurs. The term “Strawberry Moon” is more of a traditional name given to the full moon in June.

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Interestingly, the Strawberry Moon in 2023 will coincide with the summer solstice. The summer solstice is the day with the longest period of daylight and marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

It occurs around every 20 years, typically falling on either June 20th, 21st, or 22nd. This alignment of the Strawberry Moon and the summer solstice adds a special significance to the event.

According to astrologist and psychic Serafice, the Strawberry Moon in 2023 is expected to radiate joyful, high-spirited, and even sexy energy.

Other Names for Strawberry Moon

The 12 full moons that occur each year have distinct names in various cultures. Typically, they are based on a typical activity that occurs at that time of year rather than a specific color.

Anishinaabes use the term Blooming Moon to describe the flowering season. In contrast, Cherokees use the term Green Corn Moon, and Western Abenakis use Hoer Moon to indicate that it is time to tend to immature crops.

Some titles emphasize that this is a period of new life: The Tlingit have referred to the time when some animals are born in their region as the “Birth Moon” (the Pacific Northwest).

Cree words like “hatching moon” and “egg-laying moon” also allude to a time when numerous animals are giving birth.

The Honey Moon and Mead Moon are two more names for this moon used in Europe. Marriages were customarily celebrated in June, which bears the name of the Roman goddess of union, Juno. The “honeymoon” that arrives after marriage may be related to this alternate name for the moon!

How to Celebrate and Honor the Strawberry Moon?

The summer solstice festival and the longest day of the year, Litha, is embodied by the Strawberry Moon in June. We are at a turning point in the Wheel of the Year as we embrace the arrival of summer.

The light half of the year has now peaked and will gradually wane as the days get shorter and we move towards the darker half of the year. A lot of light remains before the formal transition, so don’t give up.

Positive thinking is encouraged during the Strawberry Moon. When we begin to enjoy the rewards of the gardens we planted and cared for for the previous few months, we celebrate the harvest season’s arrival and the summer days’ length.

If your garden has a full moon, observe it there. Pick your strawberries or get them at the neighborhood farmer’s market. Another great approach to honor the Strawberry Moon is gathering flowers and placing them in containers throughout your house and on your altar.

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A campfire lit during the Strawberry Moon has the potential to generate intense energy since fire is a potent Litha emblem of the sun and summer.

Set your intentions with happiness, joy, and inner peace of mind. Recognize that your efforts are paying off and that the rewards of your toil are beginning to ripen. Think about the path in front of you while you sit quietly with your thoughts.

During the Strawberry Moon, red, pink, white, and green are typical altar colors. Bring flames to your altar with candles since fire is always a potent complement to rituals.

Making moon water and harnessing the force of the full moon during the summer’s peak, close to the solstice, are both excellent uses of the Strawberry Moon.

Remember that how you see the full moon is entirely up to you and depends on your schedule. There is no right or wrong approach; follow your instincts.

Final Words from Spiritual Posts

Many people associate the strawberry moon with a beautiful period of connection, gratitude, and spiritual development.

We can develop our intuition and strengthen our relationships with those around us by tuning into the energy of this potent lunar event. As a result, we will find more serenity, joy, and fulfillment in our lives.

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