Blood Moon or Red Moon Spiritual Meanings


What is a blood moon, exactly? Is there any spiritual significance to it? We’re here to find out the answer to that. First, we’ll look at what a red moon or blood moon is and its symbolism. We’ll also learn what it has meant to many cultures over the millennia.

Read on to learn more about the spiritual significance of a red blood moon if you’re ready.

Red Blood Moon Meaning

The phrase “blood moon” is used to refer to a variety of occasions. A total lunar eclipse must occur for there to be a blood moon. The alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun causes this. Because of our planet, the moon is completely dark throughout the day.

There is a red glow on the moon’s surface rather than the Sun’s brilliant white or golden light. That’s because the moon can only receive light that has traveled through Earth’s atmosphere. Particles in our environment scatter light, and blue light scatters more broadly than red light.

So, the moon appears rosy or red when we stare at it. The deep red you may anticipate from the moniker “blood moon” isn’t quite there. But it still has a rosy appearance.

Such blood-red moons are a somewhat uncommon occurrence. There are just two total lunar eclipses every three years on average.

Additionally, what looks like a blood moon from one location may differ from another. However, the moon can seem red on occasions other than during a lunar eclipse.

This is because blue light can also be filtered away by dust or clouds in our sky. The moon, as a result, shines with a redder light.

And some even call it a “blood moon” when it’s just a typical shade of blue! Typically, this happens in the autumn.

Many deciduous tree species’ leaves become a deep red around that time. A crimson moon is one that you can see the moon through the branches of such a tree.

Blood Moon or Red Moon Symbolism


1) Introspection

The moon compels people to examine their previous deeds and aspects of their personalities that they have been avoiding. A crimson moon thus stands for adventure.

Though we all wanted it to be, this is not about traveling to new locations. Instead, the blood moon compels us to examine our souls and any dark aspect we might attempt to ignore. Even though it is not a pleasant experience, it is essential for our development.

You can recognize the aspects of yourself that you may not like to develop and change by being compelled to dwell on them. Meditation under a blood moon is one approach to constructively deal with one’s inner critics and demons, which might be challenging.

2) Devastation

A crimson moon is associated with the tarot’s “tower” and “death” cards. These playing cards stand for throwing out the old and beginning fresh. This is why there is a strong association between the blood moon and devastation.

This might be a period of introspection, and with reflection comes the potential for devastation. You can have deep regrets about past actions or aspects of your personality that don’t fit with who you want to be.

You’ll need to adapt now to your plans. Self-forgiveness eases your thoughts and transitions to the new you amid turbulent destruction and transformation.

3) Renewal

The blood moon or red moon encourages you to examine your innermost feelings and thoughts, eliminate the aspects of you that you don’t like, and start over.

Spiritual rebirth is not like what people imagine it to be when they conceive of something that happens smoothly and effortlessly. Instead, the blood moon compels us to examine our darkest traits, which could be more enjoyable and straightforward.

The most crucial thing to remember is that this is simply a passing phase. This won’t last very long—just as long as the red moon. A spiritual rebirth can be facilitated by meditation, tranquilizing baths, or anything else you find enjoyable.

Remember that despite how challenging and unsettling these realities may be to accept, you will ultimately emerge from this experience a much more robust version of yourself.

Blood Moon or Red Moon In the Bible

Bible references to blood moons abound.

1) The Book of Joel mentions the Sun turning dark and the moon turning blood. These things will happen before the “great and awful day of the Lord.”

2) Peter repeats the prophecy in Acts. Peter said Pentecost fulfilled the prophecy, not some indeterminate future time. After Jesus’ crucifixion, the Holy Spirit appeared at Pentecost.

3) Revelation’s last reference to a crimson moon. The “sixth seal” will open, turning the sun black and the moon red.

Red Moon Superstition In Different Countries And Cultures

Ancient societies also connected spectacular occurrences to the red moon. It happened to the Incans when the jaguar devoured the moon. T

hey thought the beast would attack the Earth after it had done with the moon. They allegedly reacted by making as much noise as possible to scare the jaguar away.

Many other cultures also adopted the notion that an eclipse was a sign that the moon was about to be devoured. The dragon was blamed for the crime in the eyes of the ancient Chinese. Additionally, the Vikings held that sky wolves were to blame for the incident.

The ancient Babylonians feared the blood moon, who lived between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. They believed it portended an assault on the monarch.

Fortunately, their excellent knowledge of astronomy allowed them to forecast the timing of a total moon eclipse.

For the eclipse, a proxy king was installed to protect the monarch. When the eclipse was through, the unlucky stand-in was destroyed.

Additionally burned were the royal throne, table, scepter, and weapon. The legitimate king or queen after that reclaimed the throne.

Red Moon Dream Meaning And Interpretations

The meanings of having a red moon dream are essentially arbitrary. Therefore, it can be challenging to interpret a red moon dream precisely. However, here are some interpretations that might or might not apply to your situation:

1) To dream of a crimson red moon portends the end of a relationship that has been stressing you out or another stress-related issue. You should review the connections in your life right now.

2) Seeing a huge blood-red moon overhead indicates that you will have to face something frightening you lately. Whether it’s a conversation with your boss, a test you have to take, or a conflict you’ve been avoiding.

3) Seeing two blood moons in your nighttime sky predicts an argument with your partner in the coming weeks. It will most likely be about something the two of you have put off for a while.

4) Dreaming of a blood moon and the Sun both appearing in the sky simultaneously predicts that you might run into financial difficulties if you don’t watch your spending. Big financial decisions should take time; you should wait and develop a sound plan.

5) Having clouds surround a red blood moon in your dream portends that an issue from the past will come back to haunt you. Keep quiet and avoid social events, as these are typically connected to an ex-lover or acquaintance you have shut out of your life.

6) Possessing a blood moon in your hands in a dream portends that you are about to get control over a challenging circumstance that has been causing you anxiety. But then, it’s time to develop firm strategies to manage whatever has been causing you stress.

Red Blood Moon As Ill Omens

Some individuals may believe a blood moon is a bad omen.

The eclipse is portrayed in Hindu scriptures as Rahu, a demon, taking revenge. Rahu had consumed an immortalizing elixir, but the Sun and moon severed his head. Decapitation alone won’t suffice to destroy an immortal, of course!

To exact revenge, Rahu’s head is still after both the moon and the Sun. Before they reemerge through his severed neck, he occasionally captures them and consumes them. This is why a lunar or solar eclipse occurs.

The crimson moon is still said to bring bad luck in India today. So when one happens, food and drink are covered to prevent contamination.

Pregnant women are thought to be especially vulnerable. Therefore, they are advised against eating, drinking, or doing housework during the blood moon.

A red moon is also considered a bad omen in other parts of the world. For example, an urban legend from the British Isles advises against pointing at a blood moon. It’s unlucky.

And if you make nine points at the moon, it gets even worse! In Europe, there was a persistent myth that drying baby diapers outside during a blood moon would bring ill luck until the 1950s.

Final Words

We’ll all witness a red moon at least once in our lives. Blood moon mythology and symbolism exist in most cultures. For example, the Bible mentions blood moons.

Many dispute whether a blood moon is a good or bad omen. They’re both. For most, they bring a problematic spiritual awakening. Spiritual rebirth can be challenging but only part of learning and growing. After a red moon, life returns to normal, and we’re just better.

Throughout their lives, people go through multiple spiritual rebirths. They’re essential for growing up and developing as a person. In addition, it can help to deal with stress if you find something you enjoy doing.

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