​​Spitting in Someone’s Mouth Spiritual Meaning: Bad or Good?

Have you ever wondered about the spiritual meaning behind spitting in someone’s mouth? Most people find spitting rather unpleasant, and it’s also a rather unhygienic practice.

You might think that spitting, in general, would have negative connotations in terms of spirituality, but that’s not actually the case.

In fact, in some cultures, mothers would spit a little on their babies to ward off evil eye curses and more.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the spiritual significance of spitting in someone’s mouth and whether it’s considered good or bad.

So, let’s dive in and uncover the hidden meanings behind this unusual practice!


Spitting in someone’s mouth holds diverse spiritual interpretations influenced by context and culture. One perspective suggests it signifies sharing one’s essence and knowledge with another person, while another viewpoint sees it as a disrespectful act of contempt and mockery. The Bible regards spitting as offensive, associated with disgrace, yet some cultures use it as a means to repel evil spirits or attract good fortune.

What is the Symbolic Meaning of Spitting in Someone’s Mouth?


Spitting in someone’s mouth can have various symbolic meanings in different cultures and spiritual practices, such as purification, healing, initiation, respect, aggression, and as a representation of forcefully imposing opinions.

1. Purification: Some spiritual practices view spitting in someone’s mouth as a means of purifying oneself or others.

2. Healing: Certain spiritual traditions consider spitting in someone’s mouth as a form of healing, transferring one’s essence to facilitate the person’s recovery.

3. Initiation: In certain cultures, spitting in someone’s mouth has been employed as a ritualistic act of initiation.

4. Respect: In some cultures, spitting in someone’s mouth can be a gesture of respect or admiration, serving as a way to greet or show appreciation.

5. Aggression: In some cultures, spitting in someone’s mouth is seen as a sign of disrespect or aggression.

6. Forcing opinions: Symbolically, spitting in someone’s mouth could represent forcefully imposing one’s opinions or thoughts onto another person.

What Does It Mean When Someone Spits in Your Mouth?

When someone spits in your mouth, it can symbolize the establishment of a strong spiritual bond.

This act signifies a deep connection between you and the person spitting or the group they belong to, similar to a blood pact or a long-lasting bond that is difficult to break.

It is an intimate gesture that goes beyond conventional greetings like kissing on the cheek, shaking hands, or hugging.

By engaging in this practice, you are spiritually bonded with the other person for life.

10 Spiritual Meanings of Spitting in Someone’s Mouth


Spitting in someone’s mouth holds diverse spiritual meanings in various cultures and practices, such as purification, transference of essence, warding off negative energies, a sign of disrespect or aggression, a symbol of trust, spiritual cleansing, an initiation ritual, a symbol of fertility, a sign of affection, and spiritual dream meaning.

1) Purification

In certain spiritual practices, spitting in someone’s mouth as a form of purification is rooted in the belief that the act can cleanse and remove negative energies or spiritual impurities.

It is seen as a ritualistic way to purify oneself or others, allowing for a renewed spiritual state and a fresh start.

2) Transference of essence

The belief in the transference of essence through spitting in someone’s mouth suggests that by sharing one’s saliva, an individual can transfer their energy, wisdom, or blessings to another person.

This act is considered profound and can have healing effects on the recipient, both spiritually and energetically.

3) Warding off negative energies

In some spiritual traditions, spitting in someone’s mouth is thought to help ward off negative energies that may be affecting the individual.

It is believed that the act of spitting can serve as a protective measure, cleansing the recipient’s energy field and promoting a sense of spiritual well-being.

4) Sign of disrespect or aggression

While spitting in someone’s mouth can have spiritual meanings in various cultures, it’s essential to acknowledge that in certain contexts, it can be interpreted as a sign of disrespect or aggression.

The perception of this act can vary greatly depending on cultural norms, values, and social context.

5) Symbol of trust

In some indigenous cultures, spitting in someone’s mouth is viewed as a symbol of trust and deep connection.

By engaging in this act, individuals demonstrate a profound level of trust, vulnerability, and the willingness to share something intimate and sacred with another person.

6) Spiritual cleansing

Within certain African spiritual practices, spitting in someone’s mouth is seen as a means of spiritual cleansing.

It is believed that the act can purify the spirit, removing negative energies or spiritual blockages that may hinder an individual’s well-being or spiritual growth.

This ritualistic cleansing promotes a sense of renewal and spiritual rejuvenation.

7) Initiation ritual

Spitting in someone’s mouth can be part of an initiation ritual in various cultures. This act signifies the transfer of knowledge, power, or spiritual essence from one individual to another, marking the beginning of a new phase or role.

It is a symbolic gesture representing the passing of spiritual authority or teachings.

8) Symbol of fertility

In certain cultures, spitting in someone’s mouth is believed to symbolize fertility and the assurance of healthy offspring.

This practice is often associated with rituals or beliefs related to procreation and ensuring the continuity of the family lineage.

9) Sign of affection

In specific cultural contexts, spitting in someone’s mouth is considered an act of affection and intimacy.

It goes beyond conventional displays of love and represents a deep emotional connection and a way of expressing profound closeness between individuals.

10) Spiritual dream meaning

In the realm of dream interpretations, spitting in someone’s mouth can hold symbolic significance.

It may represent the transfer of knowledge or spiritual power within the dream context, suggesting a connection to higher wisdom or insights that are being shared with the dreamer.

Cultural Significances of Spitting in Someone’s Mouth

Spitting in someone’s mouth may seem like an unusual and perhaps even repulsive act to many people, but in certain cultures and countries, it carries a unique spiritual meaning.

1. Native American Indigenous Cultures

In Native American indigenous cultures, spitting in someone’s mouth is often seen as a sacred ritual that symbolizes the sharing of spiritual knowledge and ancestral wisdom.

It is believed that through this act, the spiritual energy and wisdom of the spitter are transferred to the receiver, fostering a deep spiritual connection and promoting spiritual growth.

2. Tibetan Buddhism

In Tibetan Buddhism, spitting in someone’s mouth is considered a profound spiritual practice is known as “tshe sgrub.” It is believed to be a method of transmitting blessings and positive energy from a spiritual master to a disciple.

The act of spitting is seen as a symbolic gesture representing the transfer of spiritual teachings and the awakening of higher consciousness.

3. African Traditional Religions

In various African traditional religions, spitting in someone’s mouth is viewed as a ritualistic act associated with healing and purification.

It is believed that the spitter possesses spiritual power or divine energy that can cleanse and restore the recipient’s spiritual and physical well-being.

This practice is often performed by healers or spiritual leaders within specific ceremonial contexts.

4. Middle Eastern Sufism

Within Sufism, a mystical branch of Islam, spitting in someone’s mouth is occasionally practiced as a form of spiritual transmission.

It is believed that the spit of a spiritually advanced teacher or guide contains divine blessings and enlightenment.

By receiving the spitter’s saliva, the disciple is thought to absorb the spiritual essence and attain a higher state of consciousness.

5. South American Ayahuasca Shamanism

In certain South American indigenous cultures, particularly those that practice Ayahuasca shamanism, spitting in someone’s mouth is sometimes incorporated into ceremonial rituals.

It is believed to serve as a method of energetic cleansing and protection. The shaman may spit or blow sacred tobacco smoke into the participant’s mouth to clear negative energies and facilitate spiritual transformation.

6. Pacific Islander Shamanism

In some Pacific Islander shamanic traditions, spitting in someone’s mouth is considered a means of bestowing blessings and spiritual power.

The act of spitting represents the transfer of mana, a spiritual energy believed to be present in all things.

By sharing this spiritual essence through spitting, the shaman strengthens the recipient’s connection to the divine and empowers their spiritual journey.

7. Indian Tantra

Within certain branches of Indian Tantra, spitting in someone’s mouth can be seen as a tantric ritual associated with the exchange of spiritual energy between partners.

It is believed that through this act, the couple merges their individual energies into a unified spiritual force, enhancing their spiritual connection and deepening their intimacy on both physical and metaphysical levels.

What are the Biblical Meanings of Spitting?

The act of spitting is mentioned in several instances in the Bible, and it carries various symbolic and cultural meanings within its contexts.

Let’s explore the biblical meanings of spitting along with relevant Bible verses:

1) Disgrace and Rejection

In some instances, spitting is associated with disgrace, rejection, and contempt. In the Book of Job, Job laments his suffering and expresses the humiliation he experiences, saying, “Men spit in my face” (Job 30:10). This verse highlights how spitting can be a symbol of dishonor and rejection.

2) Healing and Restoration

Interestingly, spitting is also mentioned in relation to healing and restoration in the New Testament. In the Gospel of Mark, a blind man is brought to Jesus for healing.

Jesus spits on the man’s eyes and touches them, and the man’s sight is restored (Mark 8:23-25). This act of spitting and the subsequent healing exemplify the power of Jesus’ restorative touch.

3) Symbol of Contempt and Mockery

In the Gospel narratives of Jesus’ trial and crucifixion, spitting is used as a symbol of contempt and mockery towards Jesus.

During his trial before the high priest, some of those present spit on Jesus, strike him, and mock him (Matthew 26:67; Mark 14:65).

Similarly, when Jesus is mocked and beaten before his crucifixion, the soldiers spit on him and ridicule him (Matthew 27:30; Mark 15:19).

4) Cleansing and Purification

In one instance, spitting is connected to cleansing and purification. In the Gospel of John, Jesus heals a blind man by making a mixture of saliva and clay, which he then applies to the man’s eyes (John 9:6-7).

This act of spitting and using the mixture symbolizes the cleansing and transformative power of Jesus’ healing touch.

Dream About Spitting: Spiritual Interpretations

1) Cleansing and Release

In some spiritual interpretations, dreaming about spitting can symbolize a need for cleansing and release. It may represent a desire to rid oneself of negative emotions, thoughts, or experiences.

For example, if you dream of forcefully spitting out something unpleasant or toxic, it could indicate a subconscious need to let go of negativity or harmful influences in your waking life.

2) Communication and Expression

Dreams about spitting can also reflect issues related to communication and expression. Spitting in a dream might indicate a struggle to express yourself or communicate effectively.

It could suggest pent-up emotions or a feeling of being unable to convey your thoughts and feelings clearly.

Pay attention to the context and emotions surrounding the spitting in the dream to gain a deeper understanding.

3) Protection and Boundaries

Spitting in dreams can sometimes symbolize the need for protection and setting boundaries.

If you dream of spitting at someone or something, it might indicate a desire to establish personal boundaries or protect yourself from perceived threats or negative influences.

This interpretation suggests a need to assert yourself and safeguard your well-being.

4) Spiritual Cleansing and Renewal

Dreams about spitting can also be interpreted as a metaphorical representation of spiritual cleansing and renewal. It may signify a period of personal growth, transformation, or a desire for spiritual purification.

Consider the emotions and sensations experienced during the dream to gain insight into the specific areas of your life that may be undergoing a spiritual renewal process.

5) Release of Repressed Feelings

Another interpretation of dreaming about spitting is the release of repressed feelings or emotions. The act of spitting in the dream can represent a subconscious release of pent-up anger, frustration, or resentment.

It suggests a need to address and express these emotions constructively in your waking life to achieve emotional balance and well-being.

Spitting in Someone’s Mouth: Good or Bad Spiritually?

The spiritual perspective on spitting in someone’s mouth is subjective and varies across cultures and beliefs. It can be seen as positive or negative depending on the context and intentions involved.

In some traditions, spitting in someone’s mouth symbolizes a sacred connection and the transfer of energy or blessings.

However, not all spiritual traditions endorse this practice, and some may find it inappropriate or disrespectful. It is important to respect personal boundaries, cultural sensitivities, and obtain consent when engaging in such practices.

The intentions and motivations behind the act are crucial in determining its spiritual implications.

Ultimately, whether spitting in someone’s mouth is considered good or bad spiritually depends on individual beliefs and values.

Final Words from Spiritual Posts

The spiritual meaning of spitting in someone’s mouth is a complex and nuanced topic.

While it may seem strange or even off-putting at first, understanding the symbolism and cultural contexts behind this practice can shed light on its deeper significance.

Ultimately, it is crucial to approach such practices with an open mind, respect for diverse beliefs, and a commitment to personal boundaries.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

FAQ 1: What is the spiritual meaning behind spitting in someone’s mouth?
Answer: In some spiritual practices, spitting in someone’s mouth symbolizes the transfer of vital energy or knowledge, fostering a deeper spiritual connection. However, it’s essential to remember that interpretations can vary widely across cultures and belief systems.

FAQ 2: Is spitting in someone’s mouth considered good or bad in a spiritual context?
Answer: The perception of spitting in someone’s mouth in a spiritual sense can be subjective and context-dependent. While some may view it as a sacred ritual for transmitting blessings, others might consider it disrespectful or unhygienic.

FAQ 3: Which cultures or religions incorporate spitting in someone’s mouth as a spiritual practice?
Answer: Spitting rituals are found in certain indigenous cultures, ancient traditions, and esoteric teachings. For example, some Native American tribes and certain Eastern spiritual paths may have symbolic rituals involving spitting.

FAQ 4: Are there any potential risks associated with the spiritual act of spitting in someone’s mouth?
Answer: Yes, there are potential risks, especially concerning hygiene and the spread of diseases. It’s crucial to exercise caution and consider alternative means of spiritual connection that do not pose health hazards.

FAQ 5: Can I participate in spitting rituals without belonging to a specific spiritual tradition?
Answer: While spiritual practices are often culturally and traditionally bound, it’s essential to respect the significance and origins of such rituals. If you’re interested in exploring spiritual connections, seek guidance from knowledgeable practitioners or spiritual leaders within their respective traditions.

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