End of the World (Apocalypse) Dream Spiritual meanings


Dreaming of the End of the World (Apocalypse) Spiritual Meaning: Apocalyptic dreams usually referred to as “end-of-the-world dreams,” have increased in frequency for various reasons. So, it’s easy to see why these nightmares are being talked about more often, whether it’s climate change in the news or Hollywood’s love of the end of the world. … Read more

Biblical & Spiritual Meanings of Tsunami Dreams


Tsunami Dream Meanings (Spiritual and Biblical): Tsunamis in dreams are a powerful symbol that is usually linked to strong feelings, independence, and sometimes bad things that will happen to you in real life. So, did your dream of a tsunami mean something powerful and beautiful would happen, or was it a bad sign? In this … Read more

Fighting in A Dream: Spiritual Meanings, & Interpretations


Spiritual Meaning of Fighting in a Dream: People frequently see themselves battling in their nightmares. These dreams can be terrifying, especially if the dreamer can’t figure out what they mean. If you’ve ever dreamed about fighting someone or are curious about what it means, join us today as we investigate the spiritual significance of dreaming … Read more

Spiritual Meanings of Elephant in a Dream (God or Bad!)


Seeing an elephant in a dream spiritual meaning and symbolism: The dreams of elephants are frequently symbolic of fortune, wealth, lofty goals, and success. But on the other hand, they also signify significant and insignificant problems in life and your recent sense of being overburdened by all your obligations and responsibilities. To correctly analyze your … Read more

Spiritual Meanings of Dream About Someone Dying


Dream about someone dying spiritual meaning: Even in your dreams, death can cause worry, as frightening as it is in reality. There are many possible interpretations for dreaming about someone passing away while still living. It may signify anxiety, dread, or a lack of control. It can be stressful to have a dying-but-alive dream. But, … Read more

Dream About Fishing (Catching Fish) Spiritual meanings


Dream about Fishing or Catching Fish Spiritual Meanings & Interpretations: Dreams about fishing can be joyful and uplifting or overwhelming and depressing. Many people are curious about the meaning of their dreams of catching fish because they are frequently emotional when they involve fish. Dreaming about fishing can symbolize success, abundance, and spiritual and creative … Read more

Car Accident in A Dream Spiritual Meanings


Car Accident in a Dream Spiritual Meaning: Seeing a car accident has a spiritual meaning because it represents losing control of a crucial area of your life. Changes in a person’s job, relationship, or financial situation may be the root of the problem. If your subconscious makes you worry, it could be a spiritual message … Read more

8 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Your Ex


It’s over. You’ve moved on. So, why do you keep having that dream about your ex? You’re not alone. It’s common to have dreams about an ex after a breakup, or divorce. More interestingly, there are spiritual meanings of dreaming about your ex. Once a relationship has ended, most of us would rather forget about … Read more