Seeing Ravens Spiritual Meanings (2, 3, 4, 5 Ravens!)


People worldwide have been fascinated by ravens and their symbols and meanings for hundreds of years. Some of the things that the raven represents are intelligence, adaptability, partnerships, guidance, change, and prophecy. And the raven spirit animal is a totem that people worldwide believe in.

This post has a detailed look at raven symbols and some ideas about what they might mean to you. You’ll also learn what it means spiritually when you see 2, 3, 4, or 5 ravens.

What Does Having a Raven Visit Mean?


When a raven comes to visit you, a spirit is nearby. A raven can bring energy into your life. The raven’s visit could also be seen as a message from the universe. A raven will bring it to your attention if God wants to tell you something.

Also, the visit of a raven shows how important it is to forgive. It helps you remember that you can let go of things that hurt you.

A raven will come to you as a sign that you should forgive someone if they have wronged you. You should let go of your emotions and resentment toward someone else, just like the raven does as it takes off. People believe that when a raven visits them, a loved one who has died is there with them.

A raven can also be seen as a sign of divine providence. If you have a need, you can get what you want if you pray to the raven. So, you should always think about how a raven bird is a sign from God.

It would help if you never took it for granted that a raven is there. If it shows up in your dreams, think about it for days to tap into the power of this very spiritual bird.

Seeing A Raven Has Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism

A raven is a sign of spiritual knowledge in the spiritual world. A raven has many definitions, but most think it’s a sign that God knows everything.

The Egyptians also believed that the raven was related to Horus’s eye. The spiritual knowledge of Horus is said to have been passed on to a raven. So, a raven is thought to have spiritual understanding.

God’s voice is another spiritual meaning of a raven. You can also find this spiritual meaning in a crow. People believe that a raven will come to them as a messenger from the gods to tell them something important.

Of course, depending on how many ravens come, you will get a different message. But one common and general meaning of a raven is that it is the gods’ voice.

When you see a raven, think of it as a sign from the spirit world. So, likewise, your consciousness has something to learn from the universe.

A raven is a sign of spiritual knowledge and a message from the spirit world. So, if the raven is your spirit animal, it is likely that you will have some of the raven’s traits.

Seeing 2 Ravens Spiritual Meaning

When you see 2 ravens, you can figure out the following:

1) It’s a sign of friendship

The universe tells you, you can trust someone in your group of friends. This will happen when you start to wonder if anyone you know is really on your side.

When you see 2 ravens playing together, the universe shows you how beautiful it is to trust your friends. That is, someone in your group of friends cares about you.

2) Love

Love means you are in a time when you are likely to find love. For example, seeing 2 ravens means your marriage is going well if you’re married. It can also remind you to love your partner and show it through kind words and actions.

3) Spirits of dead parents

People believe that if you see 2 ravens staring at you, the spirits of your dead parents have come to check on you. It shows that you are not the only one. It is a message from the universe to give comfort and peace.

Seeing 3 Ravens Spiritual Meaning

When you see 3 ravens, it means the following things on a spiritual level:

1) This is a sign of a fresh start

This sign won’t always come by itself. It will show that you were right about what you thought. It will show that a part of your life is over and a new one is beginning.

Now, if you see 3 ravens and one of them flies away, it means that you have entered the love phase of your life. That is, you will meet someone special during this new phase.

2) Spiritual Awareness

Seeing 3 ravens at night is a sign that you should become more spiritually aware: The Bible says that a person has three parts: the spirit, the soul, and the body.

Seeing 3 ravens at night shows how well these three parts work together. So, you should connect your spirit and soul, which will help you become spiritually sensitive.

3) Spiritual Knowledge

Having spiritual knowledge is shown when you see 3 ravens flying over your head: People think this shows a link between you and ravens.

This will help you learn about spiritual things. You will start to understand things that are hard for others to grasp. Using this gift will also lead to a lot of new chances.

Seeing 4 Ravens Spiritual Meaning

1) Being grounded

The earth immediately comes to mind when you see four ravens. Four ravens are putting you in touch with the ground. It also helps your mind get used to the fact that the physical world is real.

2) Witchcraft

Also, if you have a dream with 4 ravens, it means you are affected by a witch. That is, you should pray for protection in your home against witchcraft. It could signify that someone in your house is doing witchcraft and needs to stop.

Apart from these 2 common messages, the following are other spiritual messages of 4 ravens:

3) Sign of friendship

When you see 2 ravens, you can trust someone in your group of friends. But if you see 4 ravens, you can trust all of your friends. It means that they want what is best for you.

4) Pay attention to the universe

This is a sign that you should pay attention to the movements of the universe. But, on the other hand, it means you haven’t been paying attention to what the universe tells you.

So, please take this as a sign to pay attention to the spiritual signs around you and not ignore them.

Seeing 5 Ravens Spiritual Meaning

1) Grace

The number 5 is a sign of grace in the Bible. This shows how kind God is to people. So, a dream where you see 5 ravens is a sign of God’s grace.

It’s a way to remember that God is kind to you. People also think this is a message of hope that gives them peace of mind.

2) Good luck

Seeing 5 ravens is a sign of good luck, which means your business will do well. For example, if you wake up early and see 5 ravens, your day will end well. It may also indicate financial success.

3) A reminder of your past commitment

Five ravens remind you of the promises you’ve made in the past. For example, five ravens will remind you to keep your commitment if you promise to do something.

4) Leadership

In the culture of Africa, 5 ravens are a sign of leadership. This is why chiefs’ head ties have 5 feathers on them. So, seeing 5 ravens could be a spiritual sign that you are ready to be a leader at your job.

Seeing A Raven: Good Luck Or Bad Luck

Ravens are lucky signs. Because ravens are black, some people think they bring bad luck. But, on the other hand, they are a sign of luck.

When a raven comes into your life, it brings the following things:

1) It fills your heart with faith. If you understand what a raven means, you will have faith and hope everything will be okay.

2) It lets you know when something bad is about to happen. This is another spiritual benefit of a raven. If you’re about to make a mistake, the raven will show up and tell you what’s coming.

3) It helps you make strong friendships. You know you can trust your friends when you see two or four ravens.

A raven doesn’t have any bad energy. So, don’t think of bad things when you see a raven spirit animal.

Spiritual Messages You can Learn

When you see 2, 3, 4, or 5 ravens, it’s a sign from the universe that you shouldn’t ignore.

So, if you want to change or have good luck, you should ask the raven spirit animal to lead you into the light.

Final Words

Many believe that a raven signifies bad luck, destruction, and death. Even though their looks contribute to this meaning, these beautiful birds have much more to say.

Their meanings involve wisdom, the afterlife, trickery, intelligence, solving hard problems, foretelling the future, and living a long life. So, don’t frown the next time you see a raven! The bird may be showing you the way or keeping you safe.

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