Most Common and Rare Aura Colors Meanings


People are more interested in the color of their auras now that it can tell them important things about their energy state and spiritual growth. Auras can be almost any color, and each one shows something about the person who has it.

This article will discuss rare aura colors and the most common aura color and explain each.

What is the Aura Color?

The energy field around your body is called your aura. The human eye can’t see this energy field or any other energy structures we have. Some spiritually awakened people can see auras with their third eye, but most people don’t understand auras or their colors.

The auric field, which is also called the bioenergy field, is made up of seven layers. Each layer is linked to one of your main energy centers or chakras.

So, the color of your aura is not just a matter of chance. Instead, it will show how your chakras are doing and what energy is most dominant in your bioenergy fields at the moment.

What is the Rarest Aura Color?

Golden auras are the rarest of the rare aura colors. There aren’t many people with golden auras right now. They are light beings like angels and archangels who have taken on human form to learn about humanity or to help others or people who have done a lot of good spiritual work in this life.

Not only do they have high social status, but they also have amazing spiritual qualities, golden hearts, and sharp minds. Unfortunately, they are rare, and other people are often fascinated by them.

They end up wanting their energy and looking for them because being around them is soothing and healing for everyone.

They can be very strong spiritual healers or even famous people who do a lot of good work for charity. In either case, they are easy to spot because of how many good things they do and how they help others feel better.

List of Other Rare Aura Colors

1) White

One of the very few aura colors, white means spiritual purity, extreme kindness, a clean heart, and a positive mind. Since white is the color of peace, a person with a white aura has reached a very high spiritual level, has a high vibration, and is at peace with themselves.

This is the color of a person’s aura if they are very peaceful and forgiving and do a lot of spiritual work like meditation, energy cleansing, prayer, and so on.

If a person is born with this color aura, they have progressed spiritually in their prior lives. People will immediately be drawn to this person’s friendly, loving, and caring personality. They will be very intuitive and can heal.

This is the color of the auras of empaths and star seeds from the highest dimensions. People with white auras may sometimes need to be alone to “recharge their batteries” and get their energy back.

2) Silver

Due to their extremely high vibration and spiritual purity, silver auras are even more uncommon than white auras. People born with silver auras could be light beings from very high dimensions or angels who came to Earth to learn about being human.

If a person’s aura has turned silver in this life, it means they have grown spiritually. Silver auras stand for the ability to heal, spiritual purity, intuition, psychic abilities, and many other Divine gifts.

Divine gifts could include rare beauty, the ability to have a lot of things, and the right to have money, among other things. People with silver auras might be the ones who seem to have everything: a good job, good looks, a happy life, etc.

They are a better-than-average person without even trying, and as long as they stay on the right path, they will have a very good life.

3) Indigo

People with an indigo aura are still rare, but not as rare as people with a white, silver, or gold aura. An individual with an indigo aura is a highly evolved entity with a keen intellect, intuition, and great spiritual intelligence.

Therefore, a strong sign that a person is very spiritual and has a lot of energy and power is that they have an indigo aura.

Someone’s sixth chakra must be balanced and powerful for their aura to turn indigo. In addition, the person has psychic abilities and an IQ much higher than average. Both of these things were gained through spiritual growth and study.

Also, an aura of indigo means that the third eye is wide open and working well. This person should do well in life, especially in their job, because their mind is very strong and has rare skills.

The level of intellectual and spiritual intelligence that a person possesses if they were born with this aura hue was likely attained in a prior incarnation. Still, it follows a person through all of their life like any other great gift.

So, a person with an indigo aura is a very old soul who has worked hard to improve everything about the sixth chakra and has strong spiritual gifts.

4) Violet

You already know that the color of the crown chakra is violet. The crown chakra shows how we are connected to the whole universe and God. Violet-aura people are spiritually evolved, although not as much as indigo-aura people or silver or gold-aura people.

A violet aura shows a person’s strong connection to the universe, strong divine guidance, and spiritual gifts. It also means the person is close to enlightenment and the conclusion of their Earthly life.

When a person with a violet aura dies, they may be ready to move on to higher dimensions because they have learned all the lessons about being a good person.

A person with a violet aura is also an old, powerful soul with a lot of time to grow and change spiritually.

What is the Most Common Aura Color?

Brown is the most common color for auras. If a person’s aura is brown, it means they are very grounded, focused on material things, and trying to get by without many spiritual resources.

On the other hand, Brown is the color of the Earth, so if it’s in your aura, it means you’re very connected to the physical world.

A brown aura could mean that the person is working hard all day. They can be nice people with good intentions but haven’t grown spiritually yet, and their lives aren’t very big.

They are often young souls still learning the basics of being human, like going to work and having kids. They have a few more lives before becoming interested in spiritual things.

This doesn’t mean that people with brown auras are worse than the ones listed above. It just means that their souls are still young, and they need to take the right steps to grow up.

List of Other Common Aura Colors

  • Red Aura: stable, active, and strong-willed
  • Orange or Gold Aura: Brave, considerate, and thoughtful
  • Yellow Aura: Creative, friendly, and easy-going
  • Green Aura: Social, communicate well, cares for others
  • Blue Aura: Spiritual, intuitive, and a free thinker
  • Pink Aura: Means love and femininity
  • Gray Aura: sadness and worry
  • Black Aura: bad things
  • Rainbow Aura: Spiritual leaders, healers, and people who spread light.

Is it Possible to Have Multiple Aura Colors?

Yes, a person’s aura can have more than one color if they simultaneously have more than one dominant energy. In this instance, reading someone’s aura requires understanding what each color in their aura implies and how they interact with one another.

For example, suppose you see a person with indigo and a blue aura. You can presume they are spiritually enlightened, have a balanced and open third eye chakra, and have good energy (telepathic) verbal communication skills.

Reading a person’s aura with more than one color is a more complicated topic, but remember to look at how the colors fit together.

Does an Aura Color Keep Changing?

Yes! Auras can change colors based on how a person’s energy and personality change over time. Your aura will always show the most important energies to you, and it’s normal for these to change.

You can track your spiritual growth and see if you’re on the right path by watching how the colors of your aura change.

Methods to Observe Your Aura Color

The internet is filled with material regarding perceiving auras, but not all are accurate. Here are four ways you might see your aura:

1) Aura-seeing cameras

Guy Coggins came up with a camera that could see auras in 1970. Since then, many cameras that show energy have been made.

But first, you have to take a picture of the person whose aura you want to see, and then you can see them surrounded by a colorful halo of energy and emotions.

2) You can see your aura in a mirror

You can also use a mirror to see your aura. To complete this task, find a mirror with a white background and stand in front of it. After you’ve looked at your whole body, focus on the middle of your forehead, where your third eye is.

Focus your eyes until you feel like you can’t look any longer. Then look to the side of your body, where you should see a field of color starting to form around it.

Tip: To balance and align your chakras, do this exercise after meditation or after a Reiki cleanse.

3) Get your third eye open

You can open your third eye if you want to see people’s auras without much effort. You can follow a few steps to open your third eye, but you should get help from someone who has done it before.

4) Meditation for seeing auras

You can do one meditation to see the color of an aura, but most likely, it will only work for your aura. You can try to see other people’s auras with it, but it’s not a sure thing.

Before starting this meditation, you must decide whether you want to see your aura or someone else’s. Then, ask your angels and spirit guides to help you see the right color.

After that, you get into a meditative state and picture your target with the clear intention of seeing their aura. Make sure your conscious mind doesn’t change what you see and let the right color come to you.

Final Words

The different colors of an aura show what a person is thinking, planning, and wanting at a certain time. They show us what our True Spiritual colors are like at any given time.

Spiritually, a person is stronger the more vivid, clear, and bright their aura is. It also means a person who is spiritually balanced and healthy because their energy is spread out evenly in their body.

It is said that a person’s aura can reveal a great deal about their personality, emotional state, and current circumstances. This is because they speak from the heart and say more than words.

If you practice for 10 to 15 minutes every day, you can develop “Auric sight” and be able to see the color of your aura.

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