Purple Aura Meaning, Shades (Dark, Light) & Personality


Purple is the hue many associates with the divine, mysticism, wealth, and imagination. It’s also the hue that makes us more successful and wiser. It is a color that exudes mystery and wonder. A hue that inspires us all to picture a future in which our wishes come true.

Living in a house filled with velvet chaise lounges, believing in fairies, and being surrounded by the people we love the most.

The emotions and traits that purple evokes in other people are also sentiments and traits that people with purple auras display. They serve as the earliest indicators of what it means to have a purple aura.

The significance of a purple aura and handling it are explained here.

What does a Purple or Violet Aura Mean?


One of the most spiritual auras that can exist on the aura spectrum is, without a doubt, the purple aura.

People with a purple aura appeared to be precisely tuned in on the thoughts, feelings, and even auras of those around them. They were themselves delightfully mystical in character.

Since intrinsic characteristics can give way to psychic talents when these energies are directed, a high percentage of today’s psychics and spiritual guides have purple auras.

However, to have a purple aura and not be a psychic is conceivable and very common. Instead, you may have that emotional connection to people that makes you stand out among your friends and loved ones.

Furthermore, the mysterious purple aura is strong and does not change or move as easily as other auras, with an infinite capacity for spiritual and personal growth.

What Makes Your Aura Turn Purple?

Throughout our lives, the colors of our aura change. Some people naturally possess purple energy from birth.

These are typically the individuals who actively seek out spiritual pursuits; they have regular meditation routines and vibrant inner lives. But one can also acquire and develop a purple aura.

Your aura can turn purple if you’ve experienced some of the lowest lows and emerged from them, having overcome those emotions.

A purple aura can also result from spiritual activities like meditation and creative endeavors. The ability to connect with something greater than yourself is the universal thread.

Spiritual Meanings of Purple Aura Shades

1) Violet Aura Meaning

The color violet aura is the highest frequency of visible light and is associated with the crown chakra. It is the color of spiritual wisdom and has a calming effect on the mind and emotions. The highest or the purest form of purple, violet aura represents the balance between mind, body, and soul.

Violet is a contemplative color that helps us tune into our higher selves and connect with our inner wisdom. It encourages us to be more balanced in our approach to life and to listen to our intuition.

When we are in tune with our emotions and have a strong connection with our higher selves, we are able to create lasting inner peace and harmony.

2) Lavender Aura Meaning

If your aura is lavender, it means you have high imagination and are very creative. You may enjoy daydreaming and sometimes prefer to stay in your own world rather than face reality.

People with lavender auras are often very sensitive and compassionate. They may be drawn to the arts or be very musical. If your aura is predominately lavender, you likely have a gentle and kind nature.

3) Dark Purple Aura Meaning

If you have a dark purple aura it means that you are currently struggling in your spiritual journey. Your decisions are not in line with your soul and this is hindering your spiritual growth.

In order to overcome this, you need to listen to your intuition and make choices that are in alignment with your true self. This will help you to get back on track and continue moving forward in your spiritual development.

Differences Between Dark Purple Aura and Light Purple Aura

DifferencesDark Purple AuraLight Purple Aura
1) Color HueDark purple auras haveLight purple auras are
a deeper, richer huesofter and lighter in
2) IntensityDark purple aurasLight purple auras are
typically appear moreoften perceived as
intense and vibrant.gentle and calming.
3) Emotional SignificanceDark purple auras areLight purple auras are
often associated withassociated with
mystery, spiritualsensitivity,
awareness, and highercompassion, and
consciousness.spiritual awareness.
4) Personality InterpretationPeople with darkIndividuals with light
purple auras maybepurple auras are often
seen as strong-willedviewed as empathetic,
and independent.nurturing, and
5) Chakra AssociationDark purple auras areLight purple auras are
often linked to thecommonly related to
crown chakra,the third eye chakra,
representing spiritualpromoting intuition
connection and higherand insight.

What does a Purple Aura Reveal About Your Personality?

People with purple auras are intuitive, ambitious, original, and creative. They are born leaders who effortlessly assume charge and innately motivate others. They’re fun to be around and want a meaningful, connected life.

Positive Personality Traits

  • Dignity
  • Spirituality
  • Royalty
  • Mystery
  • Luxury
  • Femininity
  • Power
  • Magic
  • Wisdom
  • Truth
  • Calmness
  • Authenticity
  • Vision
  • Playful
  • Charismatic
  • Delightful
  • Creativity
  • Liberal

Negative Personality Traits

  • Introversion
  • Decadence
  • Suppression
  • Inferiority
  • Gloominess
  • Snobbery

How to Interact with Violet/ Purple Aura Natives?

1) Establish Boundaries

Don’t let them if they try to offer unwelcome counsel; they might not be aware of how intensely they are sensing your energy.

2) Show Them Your Creativity

If both of you are creative, you’ll have much to discuss. A purple aura may teach us much about intangible things, and art is full of intangible things. Work on a project together.

3) Be Prepared if Tarot Cards Are Revealed

They enjoy it when you interact with them in a way that taps into their spiritual energy. Be prepared because your talks with them can turn intense!

4) Accept Your Role

You might be the friend who encourages them to remain sensible, take chances, and explore new avenues. Embrace this job.

Purple auras frequently operate as strategists and intellectuals in friendship groups, yet they may also surround themselves with more action-oriented people.

Effects of Purple Aura in:

1) Life Purpose

Purple auras attract those drawn to careers that allow them to use their psychic and intuitive abilities to benefit others. They are happiest when assisting in a soul’s transition from an uncomfortable state to one of joy and ease.

2) Health

The crown chakra and cerebral health are mostly linked to purple auras (e.g., the chakra pertains to wisdom, transformation, and creativity and is located at the tip-top of your head).

Therefore, people with purple auras should pay great attention to their mental health, especially how they handle their emotions if they have headaches, dis-coordination disorders, seizures, or other mental illnesses. If so, it can indicate that some lifestyle adjustments or energy cleansing are necessary.

Purple aura people must have healthy coping mechanisms, practice mental relaxation techniques daily (meditation helps the mind and body relax), and have enough downtime to be alone with their thoughts and emotions without feeling or experiencing anyone else’s.

3) Love and Relationship

When it comes to romantic lives, those with purple auras should be aware of three key factors.

1) Purple aura People are often so eager to make others’ lives easier that they will get married, but this is wrong! Going above and above for someone you care about is nice, but it shouldn’t come at your own expense.

Being so closely connected to all things magical as one is, denying oneself love is one of the most potent and beautiful forms of magic on this planet. In the long term, it is not beneficial to the other person either.

They are also deserving of the romantic experience. Therefore, even though it may be challenging or hard to admit when it comes to love relationships, purple aura people need to give themselves a little thought!

2) Purple auras should avoid one-night stands. These insightful people have a tremendous capacity for love and effortlessly form connections.

Therefore, someone with a purple aura can easily fall in love. As a result, one-night experiences don’t leave them feeling empowered as they feel a little adrift and want more than is realistic.

3) When purple aura natives fall in love, they do so passionately and without limits! They offer everything they have to their spouse, and when things are right, and the love is genuine on both sides, they receive the love that makes them feel valued and understood.

4) Career or Profession

People with purple auras are frequently drawn to employment in counseling or therapy, teaching meditation, or even as nurses and doctors.

A person with a purple aura can find pleasure and joy in a wide variety of other professions! Any humanitarian work, especially those done outside, tends to be fulfilling.

It can also be quite calming and fulfilling to work with animals as a veterinarian or volunteer at a nearby animal shelter. This is because purple aura people can understand the needs, thoughts, and feelings of all living things in addition to just humans.

To give those hairy, fluffy, and even scale-covered creatures voices so they can talk for themselves, purple aura people are in a unique position.

5) Finance

Purple auras aren’t typically self-promoters. Instead, they choose to study, delve deeply into topics that interest them, and narrow their focus. For them to thrive, that is the optimum scenario.

Relationship between Crown Chakra and Purple Aura


Most of the hue purple features correspond to the crown chakra’s function. The purple chakra connects you to the Divine force and an endless stream of healing energy by practicing devotion, self-realization, wisdom, and enlightenment.

An energy pathway connecting you to your Higher Self is your seventh chakra. It will help if you become aware of its bright, Divine light. The following aspects of your life are under the control of the purple chakra:

  • Spirituality
  • Consciousness
  • Self-Realization
  • Enlightenment
  • Life Goals
  • Fulfillment

As a recipient of consciousness from the Source, your crown chakra helps your higher self stay connected to God. In addition, you develop an awareness that life is more complex than it first appears due to this chakra.

Final Words

Beautiful, ethereal, and highly intuitive, purple energy is. Greetings if you have a purple aura! As a result of expanding your spiritual connections and skills and opening your third eye, you will be the envy of many people. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Try to prioritize your spiritual well-being and take care of your soul to preserve this great connection. Avoid harmful influences, continue on your spiritual path, and regularly cleanse your energy.

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