7 Spiritual Meanings of Eye of Horus and Symbolism


For centuries, the Eye of Horus has captured the imaginations of people around the world, inspiring art, jewelry, and even tattoos.

But what does this ancient symbol really mean? And why does it continue to hold such significance for so many people today?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Eye of Horus and explore its history, mythology, and spiritual significance.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of Egyptian mythology or simply curious about the power of ancient symbols, there’s something here for everyone.

So, grab a cup of tea, settle in, and let’s dive into the magical world of the Eye of Horus!

What is an Eye of Horus?


The Eye of Horus is a symbol from ancient Egyptian mythology. It’s also known as the Wadjet Eye or the Udjat Eye.

The Eye of Horus is typically depicted as a stylized human eye with markings above, below, and to the side. These markings represent various aspects of the eye, including the eyebrow, the pupil, and the tears.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the Eye of Horus was associated with the god Horus, who was often depicted as a falcon. The Eye was said to be a symbol of protection, healing, and restoration.

It was believed that the Eye of Horus could help ward off evil, provide good health, and bring about spiritual renewal.

Today, the Eye of Horus is still used as a symbol in various spiritual and cultural contexts. It’s often used as a protective amulet and is sometimes incorporated into jewelry, tattoos, and other forms of art.

Eye of Horus and Egyptian Mythology

Horus was a god who brought happiness and healing to many people’s lives in ancient Egyptian folklore. However, a background to the third Egyptian eye directly affects the various spiritual connotations.

Horus lost his eye due to a conflict he had with Seth. Seth took Horus’ eyes out during the conflict. But those eyes returned as if by magic. Some said Hathor was the one who magically transformed Horus’ eyes back into their original shapes.

Many individuals have interpreted Horus’s eyes in a favorable light due to this incident. A symbol on warrior amulets has also represented Horus’s eyes. An illustration of Horus’s eyes is provided below for more clarification.

In this photograph, you can see distinctive marks in the eye of Horus, often known as the third Egyptian eye. Over the years, soldiers have exploited this symbol to their advantage in battle, bringing them luck and wealth.

The falcon bird or the cheetah animal are symbols of Horus. As a result, there are some parallels between the symbolic meanings of these animals and the eye of Horus.

Anytime you see the Egyptian third eye symbol, it signifies luck and wealth. The spiritual significance of the third eye of Horus is further explained in detail in this article.

Horus’s eyes are symbols of renewal, fortune, and optimism.

Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning of the Eye of Horus

1) You can find healing

Horus’s eye was suddenly grown back after Seth cut it off during a fight. It is, therefore, the ideal image to release healing. The Horus eye signifies that you will complete your journey toward wholeness.

In addition, the eye of Horus is a spiritual indication that healing has begun if you are experiencing health problems. Another lovely aspect of this spiritual message is that you can heal a sick member of your family by giving them energy from the eye of Horus.

You can transmit Horus’s eye energy to a sick relative if you’re well. The eye of Horus will indicate a healing wave from the universe.

2) Continue to try

The loss of Horus’ eye indicates the problem is irreparable. It is a sign of a dire circumstance for which there is no hope. Horus’ eye saw a solution, nevertheless, since he remained persistent.

It would help if you were inspired to persevere by the restoration of Horus’ eye. If you have begun a business or academic endeavor, let the passing of time instill perseverance in your soul.

You have to keep trying. You will succeed and find repair in every area of your life if you are persistent. The eye of Horus will appear in dreams or on walls to encourage you.

Negative energy is released whenever you give up, and this energy will have an impact on the bulk of your life. It would help if you adopted a defiant mindset to resist giving up on your goals so quickly.

3) Spiritual vision

The eyes are referred to as light in the Bible. The eyes help us see. As a result, whenever you see the eye of Horus, you should enquire about the cosmos for spiritual foresight.

You can discern what lies ahead and make proper preparations if you have spiritual foresight. The circumstances won’t catch you off guard if you have spiritual insight.

Ask for spiritual sight whenever you see the eye for several hours. The universe is warning you to be aware of your spiritual insight because it is essential to making wise decisions and exercising good judgment.

4) The past is behind us

Death marks the start of a new life. The restored eye of Horus marks a new chapter in your life.

Anytime you see the eye of Horus, it should serve as motivation for you to continue living. It would help if you didn’t let the events in your past prevent you from seeing a wonderful tomorrow.

You may have committed mistakes in the past, but it’s time to shift your attention away from them and don an optimistic outlook for the lovely future.

5) You were created for success

It would help if you kept having to remind yourself of this. You are not good at losing. As a result, you ought never to accept defeat as a given.

Never let failure or disappointment in any area of your life bring you down. Instead, use failure as motivation to keep putting in your best effort to prevail in every conflict. The eye of Horus was taken away by Seth, but it was magically replaced.

This implies that there is yet hope. Even though things in your life appear to be going in the opposite direction, you were built for triumph, so things can still work out in your favor. To see the outcome, you must maintain optimism and hope.

6) Evil forces cannot harm you

The eye of Horus is a powerful emblem of protection. The symbol of Horus’ eye was affixed to soldiers’ amulets and weapons during the Middle Ages as a symbol of protection and triumph.

Every time you see the eye for several hours, the universe tells you that you are impervious to evil powers. Therefore, it is preferable to invoke the spirit of the eye of Horus if you feel uneasy due to the suffocating negative energy around you.

An aura of safety will be cast about you by the eye of Horus.

You won’t be a victim of evil circumstances if you have Horus’ eye. It also brings safety and healing to those close to you. Horus’ all-pervasive might is the key to ensuring your defense against spiritual assaults.

7) Best wishes

A lucky symbol is the eye of Horus. Every time the eye of Horus appears in your dream, luck, and money are said to enter your life.

This is because wealth comes into our lives due to the exquisite carvings in Horus’ eye. So if you ever glimpse the eye of Horus, it’s a sign that luck has entered your life.

You should anticipate positive outcomes moving forward with the Horus eye. A symbol of strength, enthusiasm, and hope is the eye of Horus. As a result, you should be pleased to get this symbol from the universe.

Dream About Eye of Horus: Spiritual Interpretations

1) The Eye of Horus is a powerful ancient Egyptian symbol representing protection, health, and wisdom. If you dream of the Eye of Horus, it may be a sign that you are seeking protection and guidance in your waking life.

2) In Egyptian mythology, the Eye of Horus was believed to have been torn out and later restored, symbolizing healing and regeneration. Dreaming of the Eye of Horus may therefore indicate a need for healing or a desire to overcome a personal struggle.

3) The Eye of Horus is also associated with the concept of spiritual enlightenment and a deeper understanding of the world. If you dream of the Eye of Horus, it may be a sign that you are on a spiritual journey or seeking greater insight into the mysteries of life.

4) The Eye of Horus is often depicted as a left eye, which is associated with the moon and feminine energy. If you dream of the left Eye of Horus, it may be a sign that you need to connect with your intuitive, receptive side in order to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

5) Finally, the Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection and vigilance. If you dream of the Eye of Horus, it may be a reminder to stay alert and watchful in your waking life and to protect yourself and those you care about from harm.

Eye of Horus: Good or Bad Omen?

You cannot let negativity into your life through the eye of Horus. However, you can draw luck and happiness into your life with the Horus eye.

People who have the eye of Horus as a symbol or have seen it in a dream are said to be blessed with good fortune.

Everyone rejoiced when the God Hathor mysteriously repaired the eye of Horus. Horus could quickly heal people and take away their suffering thanks to his restored eye, which made people’s lives happier.

The eye of Horus, therefore, does not bring evil. Instead, it draws luck and improves people’s health and financial situation.

Final Words

The Eye of Horus is a fascinating symbol with deep spiritual meaning and symbolism. From ancient Egypt to the present day, it has been associated with protection, healing, and renewal.

Whether you’re drawn to its unique aesthetic, or feel a personal connection to its spiritual significance, the Eye of Horus continues to be an important symbol for many people around the world.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful symbol to incorporate into your spiritual practice, the Eye of Horus may be just what you need to help you on your journey.

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