Left & Right Eye Itching Superstition and Spiritual Meaning


Are your eyes itchy? There may be a reason for your itchy eyes. But you’re here! Discover the superstition and omens behind itching eyes.

First, superstitions are not omens. A superstition governs behavior. Knocking on wood for good luck leads to more people doing it. A positive or negative omen precedes an occurrence. The occurrence is more ‘foreshadowing.’

As with any physical condition, see a doctor if it worsens. There may be a reason for your eye irritation, but you may have a medical concern.

For example, itchy eyes may be due to allergies; treat these before seeking spiritual meaning and superstition. If you’re healthy, you can learn as much as you desire about these omens.

When Your Eye Itches, What Does It Mean?


Eye itching is linked to so many superstitions because it is a pretty noticeable thing to happen. So if your eye suddenly starts to itch, you will notice. We usually think of it as a mysterious event because we don’t know why or how it happens.

If something else happens after the mysterious itching, we tend to link it to the itching because we remember it. There are a lot of superstitions about itchy eyes.

These things are seen differently in different cultures. Most of the time, the left and the right mean different things.

Stress, not getting enough sleep, dry eyes, allergies, a lack of magnesium from a bad diet, or too much caffeine can all cause your eyes to itch or spasm.

But what does it mean if there is no known medical reason for your left or right eye to itch?

Left and Right Eye Itching Superstition in Different Cultures and Countries

1) China

The idea that left and right are bad and right are good is not the same in China as in the West. In this case, an itchy eye on the left side means good luck, while an itchy eye on the right side means bad luck.

This is because “left” sounds like “money” in Mandarin, while “right” sounds like “disaster.” So, an itchy left eye means good luck, and an itchy right eye means bad luck.

But this isn’t the whole story. The Chinese are very specific about what itching in the left or right eye means, which means different things at different times of the day.

So, for example, if your left eye itches between midnight and 3 a.m., you will have some problems, but if it’s your right eye, it means someone is thinking of you.

2) Nepal and India

Ancient Hindu texts talk about itchy eyes more than once. It’s seen as a good sign, and depending on the person’s gender, it can mean different things.

When a woman’s left eye itches, it signifies happiness, wealth, a surprise windfall, and peace. For men, it’s the other way around. A scratchy left eye is a sign of bad luck and trouble.

An itchy right eye is a sign of trouble and bad news for women, but for men, it’s a sign of success, money, and maybe even meeting a romantic partner.

3) Hawaii

Hawaiians think that if their left eye itches, a stranger is coming to see them. It could also be a message that a family member will die soon.

But if your right eye scratches, you’ll have a baby. This is a clear sign of balance and contrast since the left side represents death and the right side represents birth.

4) Africa

In Africa, there are several beliefs about why the eyes itch. If the upper eyelid of either eye starts to itch, a surprise visitor is coming soon. But if your lower eyelid starts to itch, the bad news is coming, or you’ll start crying. People in Nigeria think that a scratchy left eye is a sign of bad luck.

5) Egypt

For the ancient Egyptians, the eye was a very important symbol. The Egyptians considered the Eyes of Horus and Ra two of their most significant symbols. These were strong symbols that stood for safety.

So what did they think about eyes that itched? Egyptians think you will have good luck if your right eye itches. But if it is your left eye, you’ve guessed it: you’ll have bad luck.

Right Eye Itching Meaning and Superstition Omen

Most superstitions about the right side of the body, like those about an itchy right eye, are usually good. It looks like doing things the right way is the right thing to do. Is that why it’s called the right?

1) There will soon be good news. You will soon find out something good. This is a very big category, and the good news could be about anything.

2) Someone says nice things about you. If your right eye itches, someone you know is saying nice things about you. But it’s impossible to know who it is.

3) You will see a friend again. You might run into an old friend or acquaintance you haven’t seen in a long time. You’ll be able to catch up with them.

Left Eye Itching Meaning and Superstition Omen

Since the left side of the body is generally linked to undesirable things, irritated left eyes are often bad. People used to think left-handed people had the devil’s hand because of this. Left-foot and left-hand superstitions are similar.

1) You’re criticized. If your left eye itches, someone is bad-mouthing you. Who is it? This question is answerable. Start naming friends. Your eye will cease twitching when you name the gossiper.

2) Someone’s behind you. Your friend is keeping something from you. Because they’re doing something you don’t want, they don’t want you to know.

3) There may be trouble with a close friend or family member. A scratchy left eye can also signify that someone you care about is having trouble. You’ll soon find out something bad about them.

Itchy Right Eye Superstition Based on the Days of the Week

1) If your right eye itches on Monday, you’ll make up with a foe. If you didn’t fight, expect good news and minor pleasures. Everything you’ve planned will happen on this day, and you won’t get into problems.

2) Tuesday is not a good day if your right eye is itchy. When your eyes itch like this, it signifies fights and bad moods.

3) If your right eye itches on Wednesday, you’ll soon travel. It could be an impromptu business trip, a vacation, or a lot of time on the road. If your right eye itches, you should take a trip because it will transform your life.

“Wednesday’s right eye itches” can signify someone is coming. You may have out-of-town guests or a friend in town who wants to meet up.

4) If your right eye itches on Thursday, what does that mean? This means you’ll have fun, laugh, and be in a good mood, but if you scratch your right eye on Friday, you’ll find something you lost soon.

It could be a small thing, an ornament, or even a sum of money (if, of course, you dropped a large bill by negligence not so long ago).

5) Saturday Itch in the Right Eye promises a love adventure in nature, a date, a romantic walk, or a quiet dinner with your partner. And if your right eye itches on Sunday, you will meet your soulmate or start a serious relationship.

Itchy Left Eye Meaning Based on the Days of the Week

The sign “the left eye itches” means different things depending on the day of the week, but it doesn’t say anything about the time of day.

If your left eye itches on:

1) Monday, good things will happen in your relationships with family, friends, and a love partner.

2) Tuesday, it’s a sign that happy things will happen and you’ll do well in everything you do.

3) Wednesday: You will soon have a date or meet your soul mate if you are still single on Wednesday.

4) Thursday is worse for left-eye itching. Itchy eyes signal tears, but it’s tough to predict what may make you unhappy.

Plans went through, you got bad news, a loved one lied to you, or employees were up to something. If your left eyelid itches on this day of the week while driving, be careful.

5) Friday means that you will soon be reunited with a family member or a person you care about who is far away.

6) The weekends (Saturday and Sunday) mean money will improve. You might get a bonus, pay an old debt, win the lottery, or just find the money somewhere. All of these things could happen to you in the next few days.

Eye Itching Meaning Based on Gender: Male or Female Astrology

Male and female astrology interpretations differ. Few believe the itch can predict the future. So always inspect the right side if you’re a man. Check the left side if you’re a lady.

1) Women’s Right Eye Itching

If a woman’s right eye itches, it’s bad luck. It predicts future disasters. A woman’s right eye flickering implies terrible work news. From then, things will become messy.

2) Men’s Right Eyes Itch

Most individuals assume an itchy right eye is a good indication. First, it suggests you’ll soon have a job and personal success.

It shows when the money arrives, or previous debts are paid off. An itchy right eye produces money. People believe a man’s itchy right eye will bring him the good news.

3) Women’s Itchy Left Eye

Left-eye blinking is interpreted by astrology. Left-eye blinking is considered favorable for women.

  • Life is good.
  • You’re being spoken to.
  • Good news
  • You’ll see an old friend.
  • In some countries, a woman’s itchy left eyebrow indicates a new baby.
  • A good life can bring happiness.

4) Male Itchy Left Eye

  • If a man’s left eye itches, it implies they’re about to face a difficult period.
  • Someone you know wants to harm you.
  • You could lose loved ones.
  • If his left eye itches, he may know something’s up.
  • Men’s left eye itches while unwell.

Final Words

Itchy eyes might bring good or bad luck, so pay attention. All these interpretations lead to the future in a few minutes, days, or weeks. Always before something, they’re an omen.

Itchy eyes have several causes. Some meanings worked for both eyes. Consider the big picture when determining what to mean. Feelings and events aren’t random.

If you’re already happy, your irritated right eye won’t make you cry. Luck can change rapidly but usually changes slowly.

Your itchy eyes are now clear. Apply what you’ve learned. When someone has an itchy eye, you should know what it means.

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