8 Spiritual Meanings of Candle Flame Too High (Good!)


If you’ve ever lit a candle and watched the flame dance, you know how beautiful it can be. You might have even been mesmerized by a flame that seems to grow bigger and taller for no reason.

Some people look at how long the wick is, but people who use candles in ceremonies and rituals know that a big candle flame means more spiritually.

Why is it so high? What does it mean when the flame of a candle is too high? Let us see.

A candle flame that is too high is considered a good omen spiritually, as it is believed to indicate added energy or breath coming from the spirit world. It can also signify the presence of angels and remind us of our inner light and strength.

Candle Flame Meaning And Symbolism


When a candle’s flame seems unusually high, it tries to tell you something hidden. From a spiritual point of view, a candle flame that is too high is a good sign.

Different cultures have different ideas about tall candle flames, but since fire needs air to burn, most people think that a growing candle flame means more energy or breath is coming into your spell, making it stronger.

Why Is My Candle Flame So High Or Tall?

The candle flames might grow so high for a few different causes. First, it could be connected to a religious rite, prayer, or other spiritual activity. So let us talk right away about this.

The following are the reasons why your candle flame is so high.

1) You have a lot of energy. So when you do a ritual, and your energy level goes up, your candle’s flame will get high. This is a good sign that your vibration is high enough to get you through this spiritual exercise.

2) If you call on a spirit, the spirit will come when your candle flame gets high. Spirits have a very high energy level that can change fire and flames. So, watch your candle flame when you are trying to call on spirits.

3) When your candle flame gets so high, your prayers have been answered for prayer. But, even more so, if the flame is going up straight, God heard your prayers and gave you the answers.

4) When our spiritual energy changes, the candle flames burn bright. This doesn’t need to be in our hands. People may enjoy the warmth of a candle flame when it suddenly gets very high. This can’t be stopped. The flame is reacting to the sudden change in how your energy moves.

Spiritual Meaning Of Candle Flame Too High

When a candle flame gets too high, it can mean different things. These messages can be about both our everyday lives and our spirituality.

So, you must have an open heart to get something from both sides. This is what it means spiritually when a candle flame is too high:

1) More energy

When your energy level goes up, the flame of the candles around you will suddenly get bigger. This is how you feel about what happened in your soul.

It is thought that the earth and fire are affected by our energy levels and vibrations. So, having fire around you might give you an idea of the frequency of your energy at the moment.

If your energy level goes up, it just means that your chakras are working well. On top of that, it shows that you are happy and brings luck into your life.

2) A sign that you care

Fire is a sign of passion in the spiritual world. But it can talk about passion from three different points of view:

A fire going out is a sign that your passion is going out. It means that the person has lost interest in things because they seem impossible to achieve.

A moderate fire is about finding a balance between passion and laziness.

When a flame gets too high, the person has a burning passion and is ready to give everything they have.

When your candle flame gets brighter, it’s saying something about you. It shows that you want to do something and are willing to give it your best shot.

It tells you to have the fire that comes with passion because it will help you get things done more quickly and easily.

3) There’s a ghost around

Air and smoke are used to make a spirit. Because of this, they can affect how our candle flames burn. A spirit has come into your home when your candle flame burns very high, and the wind blows it to the side.

Spirits can come to you to talk to you, help you, or hurt you. So, be careful about what comes next.

It’s not a good sign if something breaks in your house after that. But the spirit is here to protect you if nothing happens after you get this message.

4) The fact that an angel was there

From what the Bible says, angels are made of fire. The Bible agrees with this, and many people have seen angels in the form of fire. For example, when you are praying with a candle, and the flame suddenly gets too high, it is clear that an angel is there.

When we pray, angels are free to move around and help us get what we want. So, it looks like your prayers have been answered. So, God’s angel is bringing you this message from him.

5) Where to go

The high flame of your candle will help you find your way. When your candle flame starts to burn faster, it means the direction you need has come.

It’s telling you to follow the light. People think that if a candle flame points to the left after burning high, it means you should go with your gut.

You should listen to your inner voice if it points to the right after burning high. But if it points straight up, you must pray more and wait for more information.

6) Leave your comfort zone

The room gets hotter when candle flames get too high, making us feel uneasy. We might start to sweat a lot or feel very thirsty because of the heat. Whenever something like this happens to you, it’s a sign.

Should you drink water or open the window to breathe fresh air? Yes, it would help if you did that because it’s good for your health. But it would help if you realized that this is telling you to get out of your comfort zone.

God is telling you to get out of your comfort zone because the candle flame got so high that you had to get water or open the window. You might be afraid of what’s on the other side, but if you follow where the spirit leads you, you won’t have much trouble.

7) Letting go of things that stop you

The sudden burst of flame from your candle can be called a breakout or a breakthrough. When this happens, the universe tells you to let go of what’s holding you back and free your mind, just like the candle flame.

8) Inner strength

Through a candle flame, you will be given the strength to keep going when things get tough. Watch the candles to see if the flames are getting too high.

You will see that the candles are keeping the fire going, even though they are melting. This tells you that you have a skill that can stand up to pressure. You should know this and start to use it.

Candle Flame Too High Spiritual Meanings In Ritual And Magic

Tall Candle Flame Meanings In Ritual

If you are doing a ritual and one of the candles has an unusually high flame, that is a good sign. No matter what your ritual is, a bigger candle flame means that there are more spiritual guides around.

For instance, if the ritual is an initiation or baptism, an unusually high flame means that ancestors or guardian spirits are nearby. They want to let everyone know they are there, so they use the candle flame.

In a ritual, a tall candle flame can also mean other things. So, pay close attention to what each candle means. For instance, if the candle is green, it means that your ritual works better than you might think.

Very High Candle Flame Meanings In Magic

You might have been using candles to cast a magic spell when you noticed that the flames on one or more of the candles seemed to shoot up several inches higher than usual. An unusually high candle flame in magic is often seen as a good sign.

This sign means powerful spirits are helping you with your magic, which is a good sign that it will work. Some people think a tall candle flame is “fighting” against things in its path.

For example, if bad things are trying to stop you from getting what you want, a candle flame that is too high means that the magic you are making is working hard to get around these problems.

You may face many problems on your way to success, but you will win in the end. The magic spell you are making calls on powerful beings, and the higher candle flame shows you that you will likely win the battle in the long run.

When a candle flame is too high, it will sometimes flicker or do other strange things. This also shows that you are doing better than most people.

You have a strong will, and it takes a lot of work to get what you want, but the candle flame shows that you can win if you keep trying.

You may have to stand up for yourself or keep pushing back when you encounter problems you didn’t expect, but your hard work pays off in the end. If the candle flame is too high, you will succeed, but you shouldn’t give up.

Candle Flame Too High Or Tall: Good Or Bad?

Even though most people think it’s a good sign when a candle flame is unusually high, some see it as a bad sign. Some people think that if the flame of a candle goes up high above the wick, energy or time is wasted.

You might win, but this person thinks you are putting too much effort into something that is not worth it. In this case, a tall candle flame signifies that you should work harder and not waste energy.

Final Words

Now that you know what a candle flame that is too high means, you know that there is usually nothing to worry about. Most explanations of this event are positive and say that it signifies strong energy and spiritual guidance.

From the few points of view that see this as a bad sign, the worst thing to think about is that you might be wasting your time and need to change. However, a high candle flame is often seen as a sign that you must keep going to reach your goals.

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