9 Spiritual Meanings of Choking in Sleep (Bad Dreams!)


Have you ever choked on something you were eating or drinking? It is one of the worst feelings a person can have, as their body spasms uncontrollably as they try to get the stuck droplet or material out of their throat.

People afraid of choking make up the vast majority of people on earth. How will you handle it if you dream about the same thing, bringing your worst fears to life?

Depending on the dream’s setting and what you are choking on, the dream’s meaning may differ.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most common spiritual meanings about choking in sleep and the dreams about choking.

What Does Choking During Sleep Mean?

When you choke, you suddenly feel an obstruction in your trachea. At this moment, you stop breathing for a few seconds. You will also start coughing out of the blue and might need medical help in the worst cases.

If you choke yourself while you sleep, it could mean you feel too guilty about something you did wrong. But, on the other hand, it also suggests that you aren’t saying how you feel because you’re afraid of being turned down.

  • People think choking in your sleep means someone is trying to control you.
  • It’s a warning that trouble is coming.
  • It tells people not to be greedy or take advantage of others.
  • It warns that relationships can be dangerous.
  • It’s a warning about money going missing.
  • It’s a message to people who drink too much.

Messages and Spiritual Meanings of Choking in Sleep


1) Someone is trying to suffocate you

This is true on a spiritual level. For example, when you choke in your sleep, it’s a spiritual sign that someone is trying to choke you spiritually. You can’t see the person, though, because the person is more spiritual than physical.

Also, it could be the result of an evil eye. For example, jealousy of a close friend or family member can turn into a spirit that tries to choke you.

So, if you have this experience, you need spiritual protection. When you wake up from this sleep, you should say some prayers to stay away from this bad energy.

2) The need to talk

If you dream that you’re holding your throat because you’re going to choke, you want to speak up and be heard. This dream might be a sign from God. That is, the spiritual world might send you these kinds of dreams to remind you of your divine purpose.

If you didn’t have this dream, you might not know why you always want to talk to people. If you have this dream, you should become a counselor, consultant, or public speaker.

If you follow this dream, you will be given the divine ability to speak well and persuade people. For example, if you dream of holding your throat because you will choke, this shows your purpose.

3) You’re too embarrassed to talk.

This could be because of how you were raised or the things you’ve seen. But the universe sent you this dream to show you how wrong you are. If you choke in your sleep, you don’t want to talk, even if you have something important to say.

You must eliminate this low self-esteem by trying to see the good in yourself. But unfortunately, this dream has shown the problem and how to fix it.

4) Think before you speak

When you feel choked up in your sleep, you’ve said many wrong things and need to be more careful about what you say in the future. So, choking in your sleep shows that you must watch what you say.

In the spiritual world, this feeling makes you think about the wrong things you’ve said before. But, it tells you not to make the same mistake again.

5) Your friends have changed how you think of yourself

If you dream that your friends are choking you, this is a spiritual sign that you don’t like yourself because of what your friends say and do. If you’ve had this dream, it’s best to isolate yourself.

This is because they will have a much bigger effect on how you feel about yourself. Not a good sign to have this dream. It shows that your friends aren’t really who they say they are.

They are making it hard for you to be who you were. They also ensure that you keep getting your energy from them and don’t come up with anything new.

6) You don’t pray enough

Prayer is like the air we breathe in the spiritual world, according to the Bible. So, when we lose our desire to pray, one of the most common things that will happen is that we will choke in our sleep.

When this happens, it’s a sign from God that you don’t pray enough. So, take this as a sign to start praying more than ever.

7) Someone wants to hurt you

Spiritually speaking, choking in your sleep means someone is trying to attack you with a bad spirit. This could be a demon or someone who doesn’t know why they hate you. If you have this dream or this feeling, you should talk to a spiritual person or say a prayer of protection.

8) You’re sad and lonely

You are likelier to choke in your sleep when you feel lonely. God is using your dream to let you know he is with you. Even though you feel alone, you are not alone. So, let this bring you comfort when you’re by yourself.

9) You are taking on too many things

If you choke in your sleep, the universe is trying to tell you to slow down. The reason for this is that you are taking on too much for your current level of skill. So, get rid of the ones you can’t handle and focus on the ones you can.

Dream About Choking And Its Meaning

This dream doesn’t happen often. But it always comes with a lot of strong bad energy. Most of the time, people feel like they can’t breathe when they wake up from such a dream.

What does this mean, though? Is there any significance to having a dream in which you are being choked?

1) If the person is dark, this is an attack from the spirit world. It is thought to be a sign of a dark spirit. That is, a bad spirit is attacking you while you sleep.

2) If the person has a light complexion, God tells you to be careful about what you say. This is not a bad sign but a warning about what you say.

3) If the person is your friend, your friends have made you feel like you can’t say what you want. This means how your friends have treated you has made you feel bad about yourself.

4) If a woman tries to choke you in your dream, you haven’t told your crush how you feel. This message tells you to go up to your crush confidently, tell them how you feel, and be okay with what they say.

What Causes Choking in Sleep?

1) Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common reason people have nightmares about choking. This is especially true if someone has dreams about being choked by someone.

When we dream of being choked, we’re terrified of ourselves, our relationships, or our past. Dreaming that we are being choked can also signify that we are afraid of losing control of our lives or emotions.

2) Guilt

If you wake up feeling like someone is choking you, this could also indicate that you feel guilty. People often choke themselves in their sleep because they fear being judged by God or others.

3) Blocked Airways

You can choke in your sleep when your airway gets blocked. This blockage could be caused by swollen tonsils or tongues, a tumor, or too much mucus. If you have difficulties breathing at night, seek medical attention.

4) Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common reason people choke in their sleep. In this case, the muscles in the roof of your mouth relax, making your upper jawbone drop forward and making it harder for you to breathe. You often feel like a train hit you when you leave this state.

Sleep-Related Choking: Preventative Measures

1) The best thing to do is to avoid things that choke you in your sleep. If you can’t get to sleep, try a different mattress or pillow. If something in your sheets or blankets makes you sick, you should get new ones.

2) If you calm down and accept the way things are right now, you will find the answer to any problem that is bothering you, making you feel better.

3) You should be honest and let the world see who you are. Don’t think that this advice only has to do with relationships.

For example, you may have feelings for someone and try to hide them, which is bad for you. But if you feel like you or someone you love has been treated unfairly, that could cause much bigger problems.

Some things in your life are hard to accept, but you don’t have to accept things you can change.

4) You may not have finished something you started when you had a lot of responsibilities and obligations, which caused you to forget about something very important.

However, now that you know what you did, the dream about being choked is a stronger reminder that you need to go back and finish what you started.

Final Words

When people are sleeping, choking is a very common thing to happen. It might not always be bad if you choke on something while sleeping.

But it could be dangerous to sleep on something that makes you choke and then wake up with trouble breathing. Never forget to pray for this problem to go away.

If you dream of being choked, it could mean you are working too hard. Instead, it tells you to take it easy with your busy life. Think about going on vacation to have fun, rest, and chill out.

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