9 Biblical & Spiritual Meanings of Double Rainbow


Seeing a rainbow is always a soothing thing to do. But have you ever seen two rainbows at the same time? Do you know that there’s more to the meaning of a double rainbow?

Rainbows have hidden spiritual or biblical meanings and promise us new things. So, please take a deep breath and keep reading because we’re about to discover what rainbows mean.

Double Rainbow Meaning And Symbolism


People say that a double rainbow means change! The first rainbow shows the world of matter, and the second rainbow shows the world of spirit.

So, a double rainbow means that the person who sees it is going through a spiritual change. People think seeing a double rainbow is good luck because it means new beginnings and good changes.

1) It can mean growth and a fresh start.

2) People often think a double rainbow signifies good luck and wealth. So, if you see a double rainbow, you can be sure that good things are coming to you.

3) The double rainbow signifies a way to achieve success and help the world.

4) People say that a double rainbow is a sign from the Universe that your hard work has been noticed and that good things are coming your way.

5) This is also a sign of spiritual growth. People think seeing a double rainbow means you are about to have a big change inside you.

6) It tells you to be true to yourself, to believe in your inner power, and to trust your intuition.

7) When you see a double rainbow, it means that amazing magic is coming your way.

Bible Verses About Rainbow

1) The first time a rainbow is mentioned in the Bible is concerning Noah’s flood:

“And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I make between you and me and every living creature that is with you for all time: “I’ll set my bow in the cloud as a sign of my covenant with the earth” (Genesis 9:12-13, KJV).

2) The Bible talks about the image of a rainbow in more than one place. For example, God’s glory was shown to the prophet Ezekiel in a vision that looked like fire and had a brightness “as the color of amber.”

He also said that he saw “what looked like four living things” and “what looked like a firmament on the heads of the living things” (Ezekiel 1:4).

3) In a vision, the apostle John saw God’s throne surrounded by a rainbow that looked like jasper and sardine stone. He also talked about how the seven spirits of God looked like seven lamps (Revelation 4:3).

4) The rainbow around God’s throne is mentioned in the book of Revelation (10:1), meaning there is no longer a curse (Revelation 22:3, KJV).

Biblical Meaning Of A Double Rainbow

1) Everything is under God’s glory

The Bible says that the double rainbow shows that everything in the world is under God’s glory and that we must believe in Him to find out what our lives are all about. By following God’s route, we’ll accomplish our mission.

2) God’s promise

Furthermore, the Bible says that a double rainbow is a sign of God’s promise that he will never flood the earth again, as in the Genesis Flood.

3) Evil will always be defeated

The Bible says that a double rainbow means that evil will always be defeated and that you can always trust God’s Love. It also shows that God hasn’t broken his promise that he won’t flood the earth again.

4) Believers in God should have hope and faith

The Bible says that a double rainbow means that people who believe in God’s Love and goodness should keep going and have hope.

People can trust God’s promises and live without fear because the double rainbow in the Bible shows that there is no more curse, evil will always lose, and God’s Love can always be counted on.

Seeing A Double Rainbow Spiritual Meaning

1) New beginnings.

People say that a rainbow is a link to the spirit world. People think of the rainbow as a bridge between heaven and earth. It’s a new start and a major transformation.

2) A good omen.

People say that rainbows are signs from God or spirit guides. If you see a double rainbow, it’s a sign of good things to come.

In times of trouble, seeing a rainbow can be a spiritual sign. The spirit guides may tell you to take a chance and change your path. People see it as a sign to start over.

3) A cause for hope.

Some people also say that the rainbow is a sign of hope or a promise of good luck.

4) Inner Awakening.

A double rainbow can signify that you are growing spiritually on the inside. It could mean that the spiritual world is about to let you in.

5) Assistance for the dead.

Rainbows showing up at funerals means that the person who died has gone to heaven and is sending a message to their loved ones through the rainbow.

Do Double Rainbows Represent Good Luck Or Bad Luck?

Japanese ancestors thought that rainbows were bad signs because they looked like snakes. In that case, seeing two rainbows would be bad luck in Japanese culture. But not all cultures think of rainbows as bad things.

Whether or not a double rainbow means bad luck varies from culture to culture. Even in the culture of the East, a double rainbow is a sign of luck and wealth.

From a spiritual point of view, a double rainbow means a new start, a spiritual awakening, and a way to do more good in the world.

But in general, seeing a double rainbow signifies good luck. Change and growth come with it on your journey through life.

Superstitions About The Double Rainbow In Different Countries And Cultures

1) Connects Heaven and Earth

Norse mythology says a rainbow is a way to reach the heavens. Odin ruled over Valhalla. He was the God of War and Death. Sitting on his throne, he could see different parts of Earth and Heaven.

People think the bridge of Gods was the only way to get to the Nordic paradise. This bridge was made of rainbows and went from heaven to earth and back again.

2) Imagining the Double Rainbow

Dreaming of a double rainbow has a deeper meaning that points you in a certain direction. It’s rare actually to see a double rainbow than to dream about it.

For instance, if you dream of a double rainbow inside your house, it means that you and your partner will make progress in your relationship.

This will make things stable between you two. But you might or might not dream of a double rainbow. People shouldn’t always use their dreams to figure out what’s happening in their lives.

3) Rainbows are like a complete circle

Africans think that rainbows are full circles but that only half of them can be seen at one time. They also say that the rainbow’s circle is a barrier between Earth and Heaven.

But from a scientific point of view, a rainbow is a full circle. But the other half can’t be seen because it’s below the horizon.

Different cultures have different ideas about double rainbows.

In Indian culture, rainbows are seen as the bow that the God of Thunder, Indra, used to shoot lightning arrows to the ground.

– People in the Celtic culture think rainbows are made up of two huge snakes with fiery eyes. This snake would drink from the pools of water that formed where rainbows met the ground.

– People in Amazon culture, on the other hand, think that rainbows bring bad luck, like a miscarriage.

In Greek culture, Goddess Iris was seen as a rainbow because she wore different colors when she brought news.

In Roman culture, rainbows were a way for Lord Mercury to send messages.

So, different cultures have different stories about what it means when there are two rainbows.

Beliefs Across Different Geographies

– A South American tribe thinks rainbows are good luck when they can be seen over the water but bad luck when seen over land.

People in Eastern Europe believe that a pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow. But a naked man is the only one who can find it.

In a Romanian folktale, the rainbow’s end was over a river whose water turned people into the opposite sex if they drank it.

Does A Double Rainbow Mean Love?

When you see a double rainbow, your love life is going in the right direction. The two rainbows show that your relationship has come full circle. You might learn something new about something important in your love life.

The number two stands for working together. If you’ve been looking for Love, the double rainbow signifies that you’ll find it soon. If you and your partner have been having trouble, the double rainbow reminds you to improve each other’s lives.

Seeing A Double Rainbow In A Dream Meaning And Interpretation

When you dream of a double rainbow, it could be a sign of good luck, hope, and success. If you dream of a double rainbow, your deepest wishes and desires may come true in real life, and they may also be closer than you thought.

1) Driving and hoping to see a double rainbow

Seeing a double rainbow in your dream while driving could mean that you’ve been working on yourself and your personal growth recently and are now heading in the right direction.

You are on the right path because a double rainbow keeps showing up on your way. So keep going, and you will soon get to where you want to be!

You know what you want out of life, and this dream tells you, you have everything you need to make it happen.

2) Wishing you could see a double rainbow in your house?

Suppose you see a double rainbow in your house, for example, in the middle of your living room. This could mean a major shift in your relationship and that you and your partner are headed in a more solid and positive direction.

The fact that you’re running your own business from the comfort of your home may signal that things will go well for your company soon. There are prosperous times ahead in terms of money!

3) Seeing a double rainbow with different colors in your dreams

When you dream of a double rainbow with colors that don’t match the standard rainbow colors, it could mean that you need to change how you look at some things in your life to reach your goals and succeed.

But the fact that you see a double rainbow means that you’re already pretty close to your goals. Before you can reach your goals and dreams, there may be just one very important thing that you need to think about in depth.

Use your intuition and try to connect and get a sense of what this part might be. Then, when you feel it, you’ll know.

4) Seeing a double rainbow with a certain person in your dream

If you see a double rainbow in your dream while you’re with a certain person, like someone you have deeper feelings for, it could mean that they feel the same way about you and that you’ll be able to talk to them about your feelings in real life.

In this case, the double rainbow is also a sign that this is probably someone who will be very important in your life (in the future).

If you’re with someone in your dream that you don’t have feelings for (yet), seeing them with a double rainbow could signify that this person cares about you and has good intentions.

Then, when this person tells you how they feel about you in real life, you might want to give them a chance.

5) Working and hoping to see a double rainbow

If you dream of seeing a double rainbow at work, it could mean that all the hard work and long hours you’ve been putting in lately will soon pay off and bring you money.

Keep doing what you’re doing, and have faith that all your hard work will soon pay off. Your hard work will be for nothing, that’s for sure. You’ll be glad you didn’t give in!

Final Words

Different cultures think the Double rainbow means other things. But if you believe that the Universe sends signs, you will know how important the double rainbow is.

It means that good things are about to happen in your life. So we hope that the next time you see a double rainbow, you’ll realize that the Universe is trying to tell you something and won’t take it for granted.

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