10 Spiritual Meanings of Upside Down Triangle Symbol


Symbols have long held profound significance in human culture, often serving as conduits to convey deep meanings, beliefs, and messages.

One such symbol that has intrigued and fascinated many is the inverted or upside-down triangle.

In this article, we’ll uncover the secrets of the upside-down triangle. We’ll examine what it means and how it has become an important symbol in spirituality, religion, and body art.


The upside down triangle spiritually refers to unity, harmony, and balance in the spiritual world, and it is related to the number three, which signifies perfection. The triangle is an ancient emblem of a deity or divine unity, and each side of the triangle indicates the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. An inverted triangle in tattoo designs signifies a woman, mother, positivism, balance, and creativity, as well as power and strength.

What is an Upside Down Triangle Called?


An upside-down triangle is often referred to as an inverted triangle or, in mathematical terms, as the nabla (∇) symbol. Its shape resembles a standing harp or an inverted Greek letter delta (Δ).

It can symbolize an unstable triangular system, which doesn’t necessarily have to be equilateral.

The inverted triangle may collapse or tilt when placed on its vertices since it doesn’t rest on its base, making it impossible to stand upright.

What is the Meaning and Symbolism of the Upside Down Triangle?


The upside-down triangle carries rich symbolism and meaning. It represents the power of the number three and unity in spirituality.

Similarly, the inverted triangle also represents protection in dreams, and the duality of the chalice, symbolizing both the feminine and the womb.

1) Triangle’s Three Points

The upside-down triangle, like all triangles, has three points or angles. In geometry, the term “triangle” literally means “three angles.” The number three holds significant importance in various cultures and belief systems around the world. It’s often seen as a perfect and powerful number.

2) Numerology Significance

In numerology, each number is associated with specific qualities or attributes. Number one represents strength, while number two symbolizes openness or duality.

The number three, on the other hand, represents the awakening of wisdom and the union of the qualities represented by one and two.

This union makes three a highly significant and powerful number, contributing to the significance of the upside-down triangle.

3) Symbol of Unity

In the realm of spirituality and symbolism, the upside-down triangle is often used to represent unity.

This symbolism arises from the triangle having three lines coming together at a single point, symbolizing the harmonious union of different elements or forces in the spiritual world.

4) Protection in Dreams

Some believe that the upside-down triangle serves as a protective symbol in the realm of dreams. It safeguards individuals from negative energies that can stem from nightmares or unsettling dream experiences.

This protective aspect of the upside-down triangle is a way for the universe to shield one’s soul from harmful influences during sleep.

5) Chalice Symbolism

Interestingly, when the triangle is upside down, it resembles a stemless wine glass or a chalice.

In the past, the upright triangle (pointing upward) was associated with phallic imagery, while the chalice, with its open appearance, was linked to the concept of the womb.

Water, often held in chalices, symbolizes femininity, and this connection reinforces the feminine symbolism associated with the upside-down triangle.

Upside Down Triangle Symbol Spiritual Meaning


1) Harmony and Balance

The upside-down triangle is often associated with the concept of harmony and balance. This connection stems from its shape, which resembles the number three. Many cultures and belief systems consider the number three to be perfect and harmonious.

When the triangle points downward, it represents a balance between opposing forces, creating a sense of equilibrium and unity.

2) Feminine Power

Within various spiritual beliefs, the inverted triangle symbolizes feminine power or energy. In Hinduism, this energy is often referred to as “Shakti.”

The triangle’s downward-pointing shape is said to mirror the receptive and nurturing qualities associated with the feminine aspect of existence. It embodies the strength, creativity, and transformative potential attributed to femininity.

3) Protection

Some individuals believe that the upside-down triangle holds protective qualities, particularly in the realm of dreams.

It acts as a shield, safeguarding individuals from harm or negative influences when they are in a dream state. This protection is in a form of spiritual defense against malevolent forces.

4) Unity

In spiritual contexts, the upside-down triangle is regarded as a symbol of unity. Its shape represents the convergence and integration of diverse elements or forces.

The triangle’s apex points downward, indicating a harmonious blending of opposing aspects, resulting in a cohesive whole. This unity extends beyond the physical world, encompassing spiritual and cosmic realms.

5) Awakening of Wisdom

The number three holds significance as a symbol of wisdom in many spiritual traditions. The upside-down triangle embodies this concept by representing the awakening of wisdom.

It signifies the union of one and two, illustrating the transformative power of combining different aspects or perspectives.

This fusion leads to a deeper understanding and realization of higher truths and insights, making the triangle a potent symbol of wisdom and enlightenment.

6) Protection Against Negative Energy

The upside-down triangle protects by shielding individuals from harmful energies, including those found in our homes or nightmares.

It’s akin to a spiritual barrier that acts as a safeguard, ensuring a sense of security and tranquility in one’s life.

7) Masculine and Feminine

The concept of the masculine and feminine is deeply ingrained in various belief systems. The upside-down triangle, with its dual nature, embodies the balance between these opposing forces.

It signifies the harmonious coexistence of qualities traditionally associated with both genders, emphasizing the importance of equilibrium in the universe.

8) Water Element

In alchemy, a philosophical and spiritual tradition, the inverted triangle symbolizes the element of water. Water holds profound symbolic meaning, representing purification, healing, and peace.

The triangle, in this context, serves as a visual representation of the transformative and calming properties attributed to water.

9) Instability

While not exclusively indicating an equilateral triangle, the upside-down triangle can symbolize an unstable triangular system.

This instability doesn’t necessarily mean imminent collapse but rather suggests a situation that is fragile, unpredictable, or susceptible to change. It serves as a reminder of the impermanence of certain conditions in life.

10) Gay Pride Symbol

In contemporary culture, the upside-down triangle has been embraced as a symbol of LGBTQ+ pride. Its interpretation may vary among different communities, but it is generally seen as a representation of inclusivity and diversity.

It reflects a spirit of acceptance, encouraging people to celebrate their authentic selves and express their various orientations and identities without fear or discrimination.

Upside Down Triangle Symbol Biblical Meaning

1. Trinity

In Christian theology, the triangle (particularly the equilateral triangle) can symbolize the Holy Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The triangle’s three sides represent these three divine entities; an upside-down triangle could emphasize this symbolism.

2. Inversion

An upside-down triangle can sometimes be a symbol of inversion or reversal. It emphasizes a transformation or change in a biblical narrative or to draw attention to a shift in perspective.

3. Vulnerability

Some interpretations see the upside-down triangle as a symbol of vulnerability or receptivity. In this context, it might represent an open and humble heart, ready to receive God’s guidance and grace.

4. Balance

Triangles are inherently balanced shapes, and an upside-down triangle could symbolize the need for balance and stability in one’s spiritual life. It might remind one to remain grounded and steady in one’s faith.

Symbolic Meanings of Different Colored Upside Down Triangle

Downward Triangle ColorSymbolism and Spiritual Meaning
RedRed upside down triangles symbolize passion, energy, and action, but they can also represent anger and intensity.
BlueBlue upside down triangles represent calmness, serenity, and spirituality, conveying a sense of peace and inner reflection.
GreenGreen inverted triangles signify growth, nature, and healing, often associated with renewal and balance.
YellowYellow downward triangles symbolize optimism, happiness, and intellect, representing a sunny and vibrant outlook on life.
PurplePurple upside down triangles carry symbolism related to spirituality, transformation, and higher consciousness, often associated with spiritual awakening.
BlackBlack inverted triangles convey mystery, the unknown, and hidden knowledge, often representing the enigmatic aspects of life and the universe.
WhiteWhite upside down triangles symbolize purity, clarity, and enlightenment, signifying a state of spiritual purity and inner illumination.

Inverted or Upside Down Triangle Tattoo Symbol Meaning

The upside-down triangle in the context of a tattoo can carry various spiritual meanings and connotations.

Unlike some other symbols, the meaning of an upside-down triangle in a tattoo is not flexible and can be highly personal. Here are some potential spiritual interpretations:

1) Spiritual Reversal

Some individuals may choose an upside-down triangle tattoo to symbolize a personal transformation or spiritual journey. It can represent the idea of turning one’s life around or starting anew from a different perspective.

2) Balance and Connection

In some spiritual practices, the upside-down triangle symbolizes the connection between the material and spiritual realms. It may represent the balance between the earthly and divine aspects of one’s existence.

3) Humility

The inverted triangle can be seen as a sign of humility, as it points downward toward the ground. It may serve as a reminder to stay grounded and humble in one’s spiritual pursuits, acknowledging that there is always more to learn and discover.

4) Feminine Energy

In certain spiritual traditions, the upside-down triangle can be associated with feminine or yin energy. It symbolizes receptivity, intuition, and the nurturing aspects of spirituality.

5) Individual Interpretation

Many people opt for tattoos with symbols like the upside-down triangle to represent their unique spiritual beliefs or experiences. In such cases, the meaning is deeply personal and may not conform to any specific tradition.

6) Challenging Conventions

Some individuals use an upside-down triangle tattoo to challenge or question traditional spiritual beliefs or norms. It can be a statement of non-conformity or a desire to explore alternative paths.

10 Common Upside Down Triangular Symols and Their Meanings

SymbolsUpside Down Triangular Symbol Meanings
Inverted PentagramOften associated with dark magic or Satanism, representing the inversion of spiritual values.
Delta (∆)In mathematics, it symbolizes change or difference; in science, it can represent heat.
Water Element SymbolIn alchemy and spirituality, it represents the element of water, signifying emotions, intuition, and fluidity.
Feminine Symbol (♀)Represents femininity, female energy, and the planet Venus in astrology.
Alchemical SulphurIn alchemy, it represents sulfur, symbolizing purification, transformation, and the soul’s journey.
Gay Pride TriangleA symbol of LGBTQ+ pride and equality, with each color representing a different aspect of the community.
Heart Chakra SymbolRepresents the heart chakra in yoga and spirituality, symbolizing love, compassion, and emotional balance.
Egyptian PyramidRepresents ancient Egyptian civilization, spiritual enlightenment, and the union of opposites (earth and sky).
Mobius StripSymbolizes infinity and the interconnectedness of all things, often used to represent eternal love or spirituality.
Masonic Square & CompassA symbol of Freemasonry, representing morality, ethics, and spiritual growth within the Masonic tradition.

Spiritual Interpretations of Dream About Upside Down Triangle

Dreams can be mysterious and confusing, but they can also hold symbolic meanings that can help us understand ourselves better.

If you have recently dreamt about an upside-down triangle, here are four possible meanings and symbolic interpretations:

1. Feminine Principle

When you dream of an upside-down triangle, it can symbolize the feminine principle. This suggests that you may be exploring or grappling with your feminine side.

It could indicate a desire to embrace more feminine qualities in your life, such as nurturing, intuition, or receptivity.

This dream may be prompting you to balance your masculine and feminine energies for a more harmonious life.

2. Incorporating Sibling Qualities

Dreaming of an upside-down triangle may also signify a need to acknowledge and incorporate certain qualities or characteristics of a sibling within yourself.

This could be a positive trait that you admire in your sibling, like their kindness or determination.

Alternatively, it might represent a negative trait or behavior that you recognize in yourself and need to work on, similar to something you’ve observed in a sibling.

3. Recognizing Family Dynamics

Similarly, this dream could point to broader family dynamics. It may suggest that you are reflecting on the roles and characteristics of your siblings or family members.

This introspection can lead to personal growth and understanding of your own place within your family network.

4. Reluctance to Reveal Something

Another interpretation of dreaming about an upside-down triangle is a reluctance to reveal something about yourself.

This could be linked to a specific situation or relationship in your life that you are not yet comfortable sharing with others. It might signify a need for privacy or a fear of judgment.

This dream could be urging you to consider why you’re keeping this aspect of yourself hidden and whether it’s time to open up or seek support.

Inverted or Upside Down Triangle: Bad or Good Symbol Spiritually?

An inverted or upside-down triangle is a positive symbol spiritually. It represents emotions, new beginnings, and purity, reflecting the ever-changing nature of our feelings.

This triangle symbolizes hope and suggests that you can overcome negative emotions, returning to a state of calm.

Dreaming of this triangle is a good sign, indicating your ability to overcome problems and eliminate lingering negativity.

Final Words

The inverted or upside-down triangle symbolizes our emotions in real life, often appearing in dreams to guide us. Its significance lies in providing direction and sometimes reminding us of our past missteps.

Embracing this symbol can aid in emotional tranquility, provided one remains calm and maintains faith in a positive outcome.

The presence of a triangle in spiritual matters is significant. It serves as a reliable signpost in our spiritual journeys. Hence, it is imperative to be attentive whenever this symbol makes its presence felt in our surroundings.

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