Spiritual Meanings of Nose Piercing on Right Side & Left Side

Spiritual Meaning of Nose Piercing on Right Side & Left Side: Nose piercing is so common these days. Whether you are noticing it on the street or on the red carpet, pierced noses are everywhere! It has become an incredibly popular way to express one’s individual style and personality

There are different types of nose piercings – from nostrils to septum – that often signify a sign of beauty, trend, and creativity. But, did you know that the side of your nose where you choose to get pierced can have deeper spiritual meanings

In many cultures, both ancient and modern, people believe that piercing each side of the nose means something special. For example, getting your nose pierced on the right is associated with spirituality as it’s said to channel energy toward divinity.

On the other hand, getting your nose pierced on the left usually symbolizes protection against bad luck and negative energy

Keep on reading below to know everything about the superstition, cultural myths, beliefs, and spiritual meanings of nose piercing on the right side and left side

Nose Piercing on the Right or Left Side: Fashion or Culture? 


In modern days, people accept body piercing as a style statement. But the practice of nose piercing has been in existence for centuries due to its spiritual and cultural significance.  

With the increasing popularity of wearing jewelry at unusual places on the body, people have started adorning their noses with studs, rings, and other pieces. 

Nose piercing on both the right and left sides signifies different meanings for different cultures. While for some it stands for beauty, others consider it as an expression of one’s love towards God-like figures. 

In some religions, wearing piercings on the right side expresses a person’s devotion towards deities while piercings worn on the left side are associated with protection from evil forces.  

From ancient times to the present day, some people believe that piercing their noses will help them get rid of headaches and other pains such as pregnancy and childbirth-related pains.  

This belief is based on the idea that by using a needle to pierce through different points of the nose, such as the septum or nostrils, energy flows are released which in turn helps relieve pain.  

What’s more, they also believe nose piercing protects from evil spirits! Ancient cultures believed that wearing jewelry in certain parts of our bodies could act as a shield against evil forces – this is why many tribes used to wear earrings even before they were adopted by western fashion trends. 

Does Side Matter While Piercing the Nose? 

Piercing the nose is a popular form of body modification and can be done to express oneself, enhance beauty, or even make a statement. But did you know that piercing the nose on either side can have different meanings?  

It’s true! How the right and left side of your body has different vibrational energy, and so does piercing each side of your nose.  

Right-side nostril piercings are associated with feminine energy and creativity. It is believed that this type of piercing can help increase fertility and awaken spiritual awareness.  

On the other hand, left-side nostril piercings are associated with masculine energy and strength. This type of piercing is thought to be more protective in nature as well as aid in decision-making. 

Other common spiritual meanings of piercing on the left and right side of the nose are mentioned in the next section.  

Spiritual Meanings of Nose Piercing 

A nose piercing has held various spiritual meanings throughout the course of history and across cultures.

Traditionally, it is thought that a nose piercing is a spiritual sign of protection from evil spirits, good luck, and prosperity, a connection to God or the Higher realm, and a symbol of being gay or lesbian, according to different cultures and traditions. 

As mentioned earlier, piercing on the different parts of either left or right side of the nose carry different meanings.  

Spiritual Meanings of Nose Piercing on the Right Side 

Do you want to express your spiritual power and strength? Piercing the right side of your nose may be a sign that you are ready to believe in yourself and take charge of your life.  

It is believed that wearing a nose piercing on the right side can symbolize ambition, confidence, believing in oneself, and practicing consistency. This type of piercing could be an amazing reminder of these empowering qualities we all possess within us!  

So, if you’re looking for a way to express your inner strength, consider getting a nose piercing on the right side as an outward expression. You’ll be reminded daily that you have ambition, faith in yourself, confidence, and determination – what better way to stay motivated?  

Other common spiritual meanings of nose piercing on the right side are mentioned here. 

1) Inflow of Wealth 

 Piercing the right side of your nose is believed to bring about good fortune and wealth. It is an ancient practice that has its roots in many cultures around the world and is still practiced today.

It carries with it a spiritual meaning, which states that it can attract good luck and prosperity into one’s life.  

 It is believed that when you pierce the right side of your nose, the blood released helps to draw good fortune into your life.

It also serves as a reminder to stay positive and have faith that all will turn out well. This positive mindset helps attract more abundance into one’s life. 

2) Find True Love 

Are you looking for your soulmate? According to some cultures, piercing your nose on the right side will help you find true love and a life partner. This traditional belief has been passed down for generations in many cultures and regions of the world.  

The spiritual meaning behind this belief is that when you pierce your nose on the right side, it helps open pathways and channels of energy throughout your body as well as create new connections with divine forces that can lead you closer to finding someone special.

By connecting with these divine forces, they may be able to provide guidance and bring forth someone who is meant specifically for you.  

3) Analytical Thinking and Intuition 

The nose piercing on the right side is believed to be the symbol of inner intuition, giving you direct access to your higher self and connection with the universe.

By having your nose pierced on the right side, you will be able to tap into powerful energies that help you understand yourself better and make decisions from a place of wisdom.  

This ancient practice represents an ability to access parts of your brain that are less conscious and analytical – more intuitive and connected to higher realms. It gives you an insight into understanding yourself, and your life experiences, and connecting with the bigger universe we live in.  

When wearing this piercing on the right side, it is said that when we think or speak our truth out loud, the universe will hear it in its full power – so our thoughts become even more powerful!  

4) Boost Self-Esteem 

When it comes to expressing yourself through body modification, a nose piercing on the right side can be symbolic of many different things. From showing off high self-esteem to catching the attention of passers-by, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to wear this type of piercing.  

The spiritual meaning behind wearing jewelry on the right nose is believed by some cultures to represent wealth and success.

Wearing a nose piercing on the right side is said to give the wearer more confidence, allowing them to walk with their head held high and their shoulders back. Furthermore, having one may also signify that you are in control of your life and decisions.  

For those looking for an outlet for self-expression or a way to feel empowered, getting a nose piercing on the right side could be just what they need! 

Spiritual Meanings of Nose Piercing on the Left Side 

When it comes to body modifications, nose piercings are a popular choice. But did you know that the spiritual meaning of a nose piercing on the left side is much more than just fashion?

The left side has been seen as sacred for centuries and is associated with many spiritual meanings. 

A nose piercing on the left side can be symbolic of focus on one’s spiritual life, protection from evil, relief of pain, and fertility. It is also said to promote emotional stability in difficult times.

Piercing your left nostril could be compared to embracing these qualities and allowing them to manifest in your daily life. 

1) Protection from Evil Force 

The spiritual meaning behind piercing the left side of the nose is rooted in Hindu tradition and folklore of Nepal and India. According to this belief, having a nose piercing on the left side symbolizes strength and defense against negative energies. 

Those who wear this type of piercing are thought to be protected from any form of an evil spirit that may cause harm or mischievous behavior.

Not only does it provide protection, but it also serves as an anchor for positive energy, allowing its wearer to carry good luck with them wherever they go! 

2) Relief of Pain Related to Childbirth and Menstruation 

Nose piercing on the left side carries a deep spiritual meaning, according to Hindu cultures, and African traditions. This practice has a long history of being used as a method of relief from pain related to childbirth and menstruation. 

It is believed that the act of placing an object through the flesh serves as a representation of overcoming physical suffering. 

Nose piercing on the left side also helps people get rid of headaches and other pains associated with such ailments as toothaches or muscle aches. This ancient tradition draws upon the power held in belief and faith by those who practice it. 

It’s been found that those who take part in this ritual can find mental calmness along with physical relief where they had previously encountered pain or discomfort before. 

3) Fertility and Productivity 

According to Vedic texts, the left nostril is associated with female energy or Shakti. This means that when you pierce your left nostril, it will bring you closer to nature and fertility. 

The chances of getting pregnant also increase when a woman gets her left nostril pierced due to its link with fertility. In addition to this, it also works as an amulet that protects the female reproductive system from any evil forces. This can be especially beneficial for those who have had problems conceiving in the past. 

4) Spiritual Growth 

It is believed that the left side of the body relates to emotion and love, and intuition, hence getting your nose pierced on this side symbolizes spiritual growth and awakening. 

Some traditional Chinese beliefs suggest that this kind of piercing also helps in intuitions and deep searches for answers. It’s not only about connecting with your inner self but also letting go of all negative emotions. 

Moreover, if you have recently decided to get a nose piercing in your left nostril, then it might mean that you are not happy with life, or something related to it. 

5) Emotional Stability 

If you are looking for emotional stability and peace in life, piercing your nose on the left side could be a great option. This ancient practice is much more than just a fashion statement as it carries deep spiritual meaning. 

With this form of nose piercing, many believe that any type of emotional turmoil will be swept away to bring balance and harmony back into life. It is also thought to signal one’s maturity and spiritual growth while offering protection from negative influences both internally and externally. 

Nose Piercing on Both Sides Spiritual Significance 

Nose piercing on both sides is common in people with asymmetrical facial features, and it helps maintain balance on their faces. Nose piercings are often done to feel more confident about an asymmetrical face.  

While this may be the main reason why some people choose to do it, there are also meanings associated with the right side and left side of the nose piercing!  

 It’s thought that a nose piercing can help bring spiritual strength and power to those who have them. It has also been used as a symbol of protection against evil spirits or bad luck, as well as being associated with personal growth and change.  

Some cultures believe that having two nostrils pierced can even lead to better intuition and mental clarity. 

Meaning of Nose Piercing for Females 

The nose piercing carries a wide range of meanings for females. From making conscious decisions to express their femininity to expressing rebelliousness, the right nose piercing is a powerful statement for today’s women.  

In some Eastern cultures, having a nose pierced on the right side can be mistakenly assumed as an indication that the woman is lesbian.

Despite negative assumptions that may be made from Eastern culture, nose piercing is also believed to reduce pain during childbirth and is known to provide many physical benefits as well!  

When it comes down to it, getting your nose pierced should come out of empowerment and knowledge of your body. It should not be taken lightly or done as part of any trend.

Women should always make conscious decisions when looking into getting their noses pierced in order to truly reap its benefits! 

Meaning of Nose Piercing for Males 

Nose piercings have long been associated with women, but the tides are turning and more men are also getting their noses pierced.  

Wearing a nose piercing is becoming increasingly popular among men for both fashion and spiritual reasons. A nose piercing can make a bold statement of power that is decidedly masculine in its effect.  

In some Eastern cultures, having a nose piercing has come to represent an assumption of homosexuality. However, Western culture has adopted the trend in a far less biased way and many men wear their nose rings as fashion accessories or to express their spiritual beliefs. 

In fact, it’s becoming so commonplace among males that it no longer carries any connotations other than personal style choices! 

What Does Hindu Culture Say About Nose Piercing on the Right or Left Side? 

Nose piercing is a common practice among Hindu women in both India and Nepal which is used to signify their marital status. Hindu culture believes that this tradition brings good health and prosperity.  

The most common type of nose piercing involves the use of a gold ring or stud on the left nostril, which has been practiced for centuries.  

In addition to signifying marital status, there are also medical benefits associated with nose piercings.

According to Hindu culture, and scriptures, having this type of piercing helps to relieve childbirth-related pain as well as other medical issues associated with women’s health such as regulating menstrual cycles and relieving headaches.  

This makes nose piercings an especially important part of the lives of married Hindu women in Nepal and India who have embraced it as a sign of their commitment to marriage. 

Nose Piercing Meanings in Christianity and the Bible 

What Do Christianity and the Bible Say About Nose Piercing? The answer is found in Leviticus 19: 28, which says; “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you.” This passage has been interpreted to mean that Christians should avoid getting piercings of any kind. 

But don’t let that discourage you if you’re a Christian and a fan of nose piercings! All hope is not lost! There are many ways to interpret this passage, and different Christian denominations have varying opinions on whether nose piercings are acceptable. 

While some may still argue against it, there are plenty of examples of practicing Christians having their noses pierced without fear of divine retribution.

They take references from the New Testament, where there is nothing mentioned about body piercing, although Old Testament mentioned body modification (Genesis 24, Exodus 21). 

Nose Piercing Meanings in Islam 

Nose piercing is a timeless practice that has meaning and significance for many religions and cultures. Does Islam also favor nose piercings? Is nose piercing allowed in Muslim culture?  

Opinions differ on this topic, but according to some Islamic scholars, it is haram (forbidden) for Muslims to change the creation of Allah by altering the body with piercings or tattoos.  

However, there are other Islamic beliefs that suggest that it is permissible to wear jewelry on the nose provided it does not affect one’s health.  

Although Islam does not promote vanity or excessive decoration of the body, wearing a small piece of jewelry in line with religious observance can be acceptable within certain contexts. For instance, women may opt for a gold nose ring as an expression of their faith.  

No matter what opinion you have on this matter, one thing that must be taken into consideration before making any decisions is whether the piercing will affect your health.

If there is any risk of infection or other dangerous side effects, then nose piercing should not be considered an option at all.  

However, if you feel comfortable and confident that your health won’t suffer as a result of getting a nose piercing, then why not make a fashion statement while paying homage to your culture? 

Types of Nose Piercing 

Name of the Nose Piercing Features 
Nasallang Piercing The piercing goes through one nostril and exists out the other 
Austin Bar Piercing The piercing is made by inserting a barbell into the nose cartilage 
Vertical Tip Piercing The most painful piercing, the piercing goes from the bone on the nose and goes between two nostrils 
Septum Piercing The bottom of the nose is pierced, and the piercing goes through nose cartilage 
Septril Piercing Very painful takes a long time to heal and involves both septum and vertical piercing 
Multiple Nostril Piercing Involves either one or both nostrils, has more than one piercing hole, most common is triple nostril piercing 
Nostril Piercing A piercing is placed from one side of the nose to the inside of the same nostril 

Final words from Spiritual Posts 

Nose piercing is one of the most popular body modifications in the world, with both men and women choosing to express themselves through this unique form of self-expression. Depending on different cultures and beliefs, nose piercing can have different meanings.  

For example, some cultures may choose to pierce their nose for spiritual reasons or as a symbol of beauty. Others may use it as a fashion statement or simply for aesthetic reasons. 

Regardless of why you decide to pierce your nose, it’s important to note that there are various options available when it comes to where you decide to pierce your nose.  

Though traditionally people have chosen the left side, many now choose either side depending on personal preference or the meaning they want to associate with the modification. 

Video: The Symbolism Behind Nose Rings and Piercing on Right and Left Side


Nose piercing is often seen as a sign of empowerment on the left side, symbolizing the belief that one has the power to control their life. It can also symbolize the empowerment of the homosexual community.

On the right side, it is seen as a symbol of good luck and confidence, with some cultures believing that it brings luck and guidance from the divine into one’s life. Additionally, it is said to promote emotional stability in difficult times and to cleanse the air of evil spirits.

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