7 Spiritual Meanings of Ocean and Symbolism


Since the dawn, the ocean has been a huge and enigmatic body. Even though a lot has been learned and written about the ocean, this huge, all-encompassing body of water has remained a big mystery to people, leading to many stories and myths.

In this article, we will be unveiling the mysterious symbolism and spiritual meanings of the ocean. So, stay connected till the end.

The Ocean Meaning and Symbolism


1) Power

The ocean is nature’s most powerful force. Its powerful currents and waves have a history of wreaking havoc.

Ocean disasters like shipwrecks and natural calamities like storms, hurricanes, landslides, and tsunamis have amply proven the ocean’s strength.

Currents and tides are the same in the world’s largest renewable energy source, the ocean. These explanations explain why the ocean is connected to power.

2) Mystery

The 20% of the universe we have already explored is also full of questions for which we need help finding answers. The ocean symbolizes the unknown, and there is still something mysterious and hidden about it.

3) Strength

The ocean is often associated with strength due to its powerful currents and tidal waves.

4) Life

It is thought that life in the ocean began far earlier than life on land. The ocean is seen as a metaphor for life because of this.

5) Chaos

In keeping with the powerful symbolism, the ocean’s storms and currents contribute to the chaos. You can count on the ocean to wreak havoc when it “gets angry.”

6) Serenity

Conversely, the ocean can bring peace, especially tranquility. Swimming in the ocean or simply sitting by the beach while taking in the sea breeze and watching the water dance to the gentle waves is quite calming and peaceful to many people.

7) Boundlessness

The ocean is large and makes up a significant portion of the earth’s surface, as was already established. It’s simple to get lost in the deep sea once you’re there.

Entire ships have been known to disappear in the ocean’s depths, only to be found years later or, in some circumstances, never at all.

For generations, the ocean has remained substantially unaltered. Because of this, it is a potent emblem of stability.

Biblical Meaning and Bible Verses of Ocean

The idea that the ocean is a collection of memories and knowledge comes from the fact that water, springs, and rivers represent truths. As a result, oceans represent collections of them.

This is also clear from Bible verses that talk about the sea and the seas, like this one from David: “The earth and all that is on it, the world and all who live in it, belong to Jehovah.”

Some Bible verses about oceans make it sound like God’s love is deeper than the sea (Isaiah 51:15).

The Bible also compares the Holy Spirit to a dove that “descended on him” (Mt. 13:32), which may be a reference to Noah’s dove, which came back with an olive leaf after the Flood.

Stories and Myths of the Ocean

The water and its enigmatic nature have inspired some highly intriguing legends. Some of these myths include the following:

1) The Kraken

According to Norse mythology, this enormous sea monster wraps its tentacles around ships, causes them to capsize, and then eats the sailors. Historians say this story is about a huge squid living in the seas around Norway.

2) The Mermaid

The mermaid is a mythical sea creature with a human-like upper body and a fish-like lower body with roots in Greek, Assyrian, Asian, and Japanese legends.

In a well-known Greek myth, Alexander the Great’s sister Thessalonike is said to have turned into a mermaid after her death and learned how to control the ocean currents. She advised sailors who said Alexander was a great king who ruled and lived to conquer the world by calming the seas.

Thessaloniki sparked severe storms for the sailors who disregarded this declaration. Numerous literary works have featured mermaids, sometimes simply as a lovely creature that is half human and half fish, and other times as sirens.

3) Sirens

In Greek mythology, sirens are sea maidens who are breathtakingly beautiful in an otherworldly way. According to legend, sirens lure men in with their beauty, seduce them with their angelic singing, and enchant them before killing them.

4) Atlantis

The Greek philosopher Plato first wrote about Atlantis. He said it was a Greek city that was once full of life and culture but lost the gods’ favor.

The gods then destroyed Atlantis, which led to earthquakes and hurricanes that caused it to fall into the Atlantic Ocean. Some urban legends say the city is still underwater, while others say it was destroyed.

5) The Bermuda Triangle

Any ship that passes through or a plane that flies over this uncharted triangular region in the Atlantic Ocean is rumored to be doomed to disaster and disappearance. It is believed that 50 ships and 20 airplanes have been sucked into the Bermuda Triangle, but they have never been located.

Myths say that it is over the lost city of Atlantis and that ships and planes disappear because of how strong the city is. The Swahili people of East Africa think that both good and evil spirits can be found in the ocean.

The easiest way to let these ocean spirits take over your body is to get sexual in or near the ocean. What’s more intriguing is that the Waswahili people think they have the potential to domesticate the spirit of the ocean in exchange for their ability to create wealth. They may also be employed to exact vengeance on a foe.

Ocean Dream Meaning And Interpretation

1) Having A Turbid Dream

Unfortunately, having a turbid dream foretells bad luck. This dream is a symbol of a hazardous environment. The cloudy water in the ocean is a sign that you will get into a fight.

You might have to battle and strive a lot to escape the predicament. Keep in mind that it is normal to feel frustrated occasionally.

But you have the fortitude and bravery to face any adversity that comes your way. Making better decisions is a good way to avoid getting into trouble in the first place.

2) Dreaming Of A Beautifully Clear Ocean

If you dream of a clear, quiet ocean, it indicates that you are about to embark on a period of peace and tranquility.

Your personal and professional lives will be stable, and you’ll feel happy and at peace. Put a big smile on your face since there will shortly be celebrations to welcome you.

3) Having a Dream that You Drown in the Ocean after Falling from a Boat

Are you experiencing emotional turmoil in real life? Your professional life involves too much strain. Or perhaps your relationships are in trouble.

In either case, this dream indicates that your emotions are conflicted, and you are having trouble managing them. Try speaking with a close friend or relative. It might ease some of your strain.

4) Dreaming That You Fall From A Boat And Swim Away

This dream indicates your adaptability if you calmly swim away after falling from the boat. Whatever challenges life presents to you, you can overcome them. You have a powerful emotional mindset as well. You can deal with your emotions sensibly because you accept them as they are.

5) Dreaming That You Saved Someone From Drowning

If you dreamed of saving someone from drowning, you are a caring person. You can help others find solutions to their problems since you are aware of their struggles. I said you’d be a fantastic life coach or therapist.

6) Drinking Ocean Water in Your Dreams

Have you done things recently that put you in contact with toxins? The bad omen of drinking ocean water indicates that you welcome and accept all the bad things that happen to you.

You probably have a terrible habit, such as an excessive drinking problem. Despite being fully aware of the issue, you resist making any improvements. This dream reminds you to get your life in order before things start going south.

7) Walking On A Shore In A Dream

Beautiful dreams often involve strolling along a beach. It shows you’re open to embracing fresh experiences and opportunities.

You’re prepared to develop and discover. You’re probably trying out a new pastime. Or are you trying to learn a new skill?

In either case, congratulations on letting go of your past transgressions and trauma and moving forward on a more positive note.

8) Dreaming About Ocean Waves

Your waking-life emotions are frequently reflected in your dreams of ocean waves. Your life is joyful and pleasant if you are floating or strolling on the wave calmly and collected.

If, on the other hand, you feel bad when you look at or interact with the waves, this is a reflection of the emotional or mental turmoil you are going through in real life.

Additionally, dreaming about a dirty or muddy wave indicates that you perceive reality realistically. You like its beauty and are appreciative of the chances it gives you.

However, you are always ready since you are fully aware of how harsh life can sometimes be.

Final Words

The ocean has a big effect on the weather and daily life. But we can’t ignore the underlying happiness and serenity of strolling barefoot on the sand, taking in the sea breeze, and diving into the peaceful ocean. Fun fact: It is believed that salty water can cure practically all skin irritations in the ocean.

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