Meanings of Birthmarks – Types, Shapes, Locations & Colors


Do you have a birthmark on your body? Have you ever wondered what the meaning behind it is? Well, look no further as birthmark type, shape, color, and location meanings are here to help!  

Birthmarks come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and are usually located on random parts of the body. However, it is said that the placement of your birthmark can hold special meanings; each spot on the body represents something creative or spiritual. 

For example, if your birthmark is located on your shoulder or arm, this could be seen as a sign of strength or courage. On the other hand, if it’s placed near your forehead then it could be a symbol of intelligence and wisdom.

There are even more unique meanings associated with distinct regions such as the stomach, thighs, and other parts of the human body. So, stay connected till the end! 

Types of Birthmarks and Their Meanings 


The placement of a birthmark on the body can be interpreted as having an underlying message and can give us insight into our lives.

For example, if your birthmark is located near your eye it could represent knowledge and insight. Whereas, if yours is on your chest it could suggest that you will have a great sense of empathy for those around you.  

This type of interpretation has been used for centuries by many cultures believing that these marks are actually signs from the heavens.  

Birthmarks are mysterious and come in all shapes and sizes so their placement holds different meanings depending on where they reside. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common types of birthmarks and their possible meanings

Birthmark Location Meanings (Birthmark Placement on the Body) 


1) Forehead Birthmark Meanings 

Many people believe that birthmarks are lucky with special meanings attached to them. They can be associated with destiny or reincarnation. Birthmarks are also believed to signify particular character traits that a person will have when they grow up.  

Birthmark on the forehead meaning varies depending on its location.  

a) A birthmark on the center of the forehead is a sign of someone who is attractive and will have a number of relationships.  

b) A birthmark on the left side of the forehead signifies someone who is spontaneous, lives life to the fullest, and may be extravagant with money, although creative.  

c) A birthmark on the right side of the forehead indicates someone who is intelligent and knowledgeable

In addition, birthmarks on the right side of the forehead indicate a person is knowledgeable and can excel in their endeavors, while birthmarks on the left side of the forehead signify extravagance and irresponsibility. 

2) Birthmark on the Face Meaning 

Birthmarks on the face can have different meanings depending on their placement, shape, and color


a) Birthmark Near the Mouth or Lips 

A birthmark located near the mouth or the lips of a woman has long been associated with her being particularly talkative.

According to superstitions, if a woman is born with a birthmark near her mouth, she will be known for being quite the chatterbox. On the other hand, men who have birthmarks in this area are said to have great wealth and fortune

In some cultures, it is believed that these birthmarks are an indication of one’s wealth or social status as well. Those with a mark near their mouths may be thought to be more privileged than those without them.  

Although this can vary from culture to culture and tradition to tradition, there is still an underlying assumption that having such marks will bring good luck and blessings into one’s life. Furthermore, those who have them may even be seen as lucky charms by those around them.  

b) Birthmark on Cheek Meanings 

As per Samudrika Shastra, if there is a birthmark on the right cheek of men then it suggests that he is emotional and sincere. On the other hand, having a birthmark on the left cheek means financial complications throughout life.  

For women, having this kind of birthmark on their right cheek signifies happiness and marital bliss whereas when it is present on the left side they will struggle to find inner peace despite potentially being successful outside.  

c) Birthmark on the Chin Meanings 

A birthmark on the chin is said to indicate intense masculine energy, regardless of gender. It suggests a pull towards the physical side of life and being reliable, productive, and strong-willed.  

For men, it is said to mean they are temperamental, while for women it indicates they will be the ones to provide for their families.  

Due to physicality and action-driven behaviors, those with this birthmark may find themselves engaging in activities such as sports or outdoor activities more than others without one.  

Additionally, those with this mark may have a tendency to seek out stability and security in their lives, resulting in them taking on leadership roles or working hard at whatever task they are undertaking.  

d) Birthmark on Nose Meanings 

People with a mole or birthmark on their noses tend to be creative and diligent, popular in society, and have unpredictable characters.

Women with a birthmark in the middle of their nose are easy-going, impulsive, humorous, and sociable, while those with a birthmark on the tip of their nose are said to be humorous and enjoy making fun of themselves and others. 

They also love to travel and experiment with things that are forbidden. Birthmarks on the nose can also signify wisdom beyond one’s age, intuition, and an attraction to dark, philosophical, and mystical things.

In addition, birthmarks on the nose may also indicate generosity of spirit and a tendency to be blunt. 

e) Birthmark in the Eye  

Birthmarks or moles in and around the eye can have various meanings depending on their shape and location. For example, a burn birthmark on the eye may indicate suffering from burns to the eyes in a past life or seeing something that led to death.  

A birthmark on the right eye may signify easy money without much effort, while a birthmark on the left eye could be a sign of womanizing for men. 

Likewise, a birthmark or mole on the lower right side of the eyeball of the right eye indicates a rich man, while a mole on the left side of the right eyeball will make a man pious, respectful, earning money and getting rich by tact and diplomacy. 

3) Birthmark on the Ear 

Birthmarks on the ears are said to indicate originality and a tendency to protect oneself by bragging about insecurities. A birthmark on the ear is also seen as a sign of good luck, professional success, and promotion on a regular basis.  

Birthmarks on the ears have long been believed to represent originality and a tendency to protect oneself by bragging about insecurities. The ancient Chinese believed that these marks symbolized good luck, professional success, and promotion on a regular basis.  

It is said that those who were born with birthmarks on their ears were blessed with special qualities of intelligence and creativity. 

Many people view these marks as indicators of a person’s character traits, such as being independent-minded or even rebellious. They believe it is an indication of ambition and dedication to personal goals.  

Moreover, some believe that having a birthmark on the ear indicates luck in relationships and financial matters as well. In certain cultures, it is even seen as signifying one has royal bloodline connections or spiritual powers.  

4) Birthmark on Neck Meaning (Front and Back)  

Birthmarks or moles on the neck have a particular meaning. A birthmark on the back of the neck, known as ‘stork bites’, symbolizes a mixed bag for the bearer, with success coming at the price of sacrificing family time.  

These birthmarks on the front of the neck signify someone who is suited to being an athlete or fitness model, or perhaps a personal trainer. Generally, birthmarks on the neck signify vitality, which can be physical, intellectual, or mental. 

In addition, birthmarks on the right side of the neck signify realistic people with the power to overcome obstacles, while those in the center of a woman’s neck indicate someone who loves themselves and beautiful things.  

Birthmarks on a man’s neck in the center signify someone who is predisposed to fall out with friends easily and lose them readily. 

5) Birthmark on Hands (Palms)  

Birthmarks on the right hand indicate that the person takes more than they give, while birthmarks on the left hand mean that the person gives more than they get back in life. Birthmarks on the palms indicate that a person depends on others for help.  

According to Chinese and Hindu tradition, birthmarks on the right hand indicate that the person takes more than they give. On the other hand, birthmarks on the left hand mean that the person gives far more than they receive in life. They tend to be generous and understanding towards others, even when it is not reciprocated.  

For those who have birthmarks on their palms, it suggests that they depend too much on outside help from family and friends in order to get through life’s challenges. They need reassurance from loved ones in order to move forward with confidence.  

6) Birthmark on the Arm Meaning  

Birthmarks on the right and left arms have different meanings depending on the gender of the individual. For men, a birthmark on the arm means that he is a homemaker.  

For women, a birthmark on the right arm indicates loyalty and care, while a birthmark on the left arm signifies that she gives more than she gets back in life. Birthmarks on both arms can also signify dominance in one’s previous life. 

Birthmarks on the fingers signify an enjoyment of making decisions and being independent 

7) Birthmark on Wrist Meaning  

A birthmark on the wrist is believed to signify a person who is independent and strong-willed. It is also said to be a sign of someone who will need to learn to stand firm on their own two feet, as they may depend too much on others.  

Birthmarks on the arms of men are believed to indicate that they enjoy staying at home and taking care of children, while for women it is said to be a sign of independence and strength. 

8) Birthmark on the Back Meaning  

Birthmarks on the back mean that you are truthful and open-minded. A birthmark on the right side of the back indicates that you are frank and open to new ideas, while a birthmark on the left side of the back means that you give more than getting back in life.  

Birthmarks on the back can also signify long life, virtuosity, and marriage to a person who is very good, passionate, and from a good family. 

a) Birthmark on Shoulder Blades  

For both males and females, birthmarks on the shoulder blades have different meanings depending on which side they are located on.

A birthmark on the right shoulder indicates luck and successful life, while a birthmark on the left shoulder indicates financial difficulties.  

For women, a birthmark just above the shoulder blades can indicate a difficult life, but they will be able to overcome their struggles. 

b) Birthmark on Lower Back Meaning  

A birthmark, mole, or nevus, on the lower back, has long been believed to signify a person who is open-minded and willing to accept new ideas.

It is said that having a birthmark in this area of the body represents an individual who can easily adapt to any situation and is willing to take risks in order to achieve success.  

This type of birthmark may also be seen as a sign of luck and an omen of wealth and happiness throughout one’s life.  

People with this type of birthmark are thought to have an adventurous spirit and often enjoy pushing themselves out of their comfort zone in order to explore the unknown.

They are driven by curiosity and desire new experiences, never shying away from challenging situations or difficult tasks.  

c) Birthmark on Hip Meaning 

A birthmark on the hip is a sign of independence and persistence. Those with such a mark are often seen as determined, self-confident, and not afraid to take risks.  

People with this birthmark tend to be independent thinkers who aren’t easily influenced by others. They trust their own intuition and act on it without hesitation.  

These people have a strong sense of commitment and they always give their best effort in whatever task they undertake. They also have great organizational skills which makes them excellent workers that can handle any situation thrown at them.  

Their honesty ensures that they get the job done right the first time around, cutting out any potential for errors or mistakes along the way.  

They are highly principled people who won’t quit until something is completed to perfection, making them reliable individuals both at work and in personal relationships. 

9) Birthmark on the Breast Meaning  

Having a birthmark, mole, or third nipple on the breast can be seen as a fantastic omen for many. According to ancient beliefs, if the mark is on or below the left breast, it is believed to be a sign that you will succeed in both your work and life endeavors.  

This success may come from hard work, self-discipline, and commitment but ultimately the result will always be rewarding.  

On the other hand, those with birthmarks located on or under their right breast are said to have luck smiling down on them. Whatever they want in life may come to them easily due to this fortunate charm.  

Depending on the location, birthmarks on the chest areas can also signify intelligence, creativity, and independence 

10) Birthmark on the Stomach Meaning  

Birthmarks on the stomach are believed to be related to the solar plexus and sacral chakras, which are associated with independence, drive, willpower, personal identity, relationships, sensuality, emotions, and creativity.  

The color and shape of the birthmark can also contribute to its meaning. A dark birthmark usually signals some negative energy source within the solar plexus or sacral chakra, while a light or white birthmark is linked more closely with one’s spirit/soul and may indicate death in a past life.  

In Iranian lore, it is believed that when a pregnant mother touches the same spot on her belly over and over again, the baby will be born with a birthmark in that same spot.

Generally speaking, a birthmark on the stomach is said to signify greed or gluttony, though it may also mean one can really tune into their gut feeling when making decisions. 

11) Birthmark on the Buttock Meaning  

A mole or birthmark on the buttock (right) is said to signify that a woman is sociable, cheerful, and outgoing, while a birthmark on the left buttock indicates longevity.  

For men, a birthmark on the right buttock can symbolize physical attractiveness earned through good deeds in past lives, while a birthmark on the left butt indicates hard work and good luck in business. 

12) Birthmark on Private Part Meaning (Vagina and Penis)  

Birthmarks on the private area have two opposing meanings. There is a belief that birthmarks on a woman’s vagina are a bad omen, indicating that she is characterless and addicted to sex.  

On the other hand, some people believe that birthmarks on a man’s penis mean he has a strong penis and the women he has had intercourse with will think they had the best sex ever. 

13) Birthmark on Leg Meaning  

Those with birthmarks on their legs have a great appetite for traveling and exploring new cultures and symbolize good luck. According to superstition, a person with a birthmark is believed to be blessed with good fortune and an adventurous spirit.  

In addition, it is said that those who possess this trait may depend heavily on others and may struggle to stand up for themselves in difficult situations.  

The origin of this belief dates back centuries ago when birthmarks were seen as signs from the gods that one was chosen and protected by them, marking them as special or unique in some way.  

This often made people believe that those bearing such marks would be capable of incredible feats and led them to travel far away from home.

As they explored distant lands, they embraced the local customs and culture with open arms and found joy in the adventure of discovering something new each day.  

a) Birthmark on Thigh Meaning  

The ancient Chinese tradition of predicting an individual’s destiny or path in life on the basis of the location and type of birthmark on the body has been passed down for centuries.

According to this tradition, a birthmark located on the inner thigh is thought to hold great significance when it comes to one’s financial future.  

If a man has this particular birthmark, it is seen as a sign that he will inherit wealth and riches while women are said to be blessed with prosperity through their own hard work and effort.  

Birthmarks found on other parts of the body such as the front side are thought to bring good luck as well, suggesting that the person who bears them will have an advantage in life.  

In addition to predicting financial success, a birthmark located on the inner thigh also symbolizes respect from others and having a pleasant personality.  

b) Birthmark on Knee Meaning  

A birthmark on the knee of a woman is said to indicate that she is mysterious, very silent, and very attractive. It also suggests that she needs to monitor her psychological state.  

Generally, a birthmark on the leg is believed to signify someone who will need to learn to stand firm on their own throughout life.  

Additionally, it could mean that the person depends a lot on others and can have difficulty making decisions independently. 

c) Birthmark on Ankle Meaning  

A birthmark on the ankle means that you are a person who loves life. They have a great appetite for traveling and exploring new cultures, as well as making good, strong leaders.  

Ankle birthmarks also symbolize good luck and happiness in the future. People with this birthmark are likely to be wealthy and successful in life, and they may have a special connection to the animal kingdom. 

d) Birthmark on Foot Meaning  

Birthmarks on the feet have several meanings depending on the gender of the person. For men, it is said to mean that they like traveling and visiting new places, while for women it means that they believe in action rather than words.

Likewise, birthmarks on toes have the same meaning as those on feet for men and women.  

Similarly, birthmarks on the right foot signify that a person will enjoy traveling and exploring new places, while birthmarks on the left foot indicate intelligence.

Birthmarks on the heel and bottom of the foot are a sign of being a fighter. 

Birthmark Shape Meanings 


Birthmark shape meanings are associated with superstitions and myths found in different cultures and traditions around the world.  

1) Star Birthmark Meaning 

Star-shaped birthmarks, which usually appear on the face or upper body parts, represent celestial objects like stars, the sun, and the moon, and serve as a reminder of our connection to the universe.  

They also symbolize inner beauty and creativity and fondness for art and music while giving us the strength to endure life’s struggles – particularly those related to love.  

The color of your star birthmark can also tell a story about you: red birthmarks signify passion and courage and yellow ones signify optimism; blue ones suggest spiritual awareness; purple suggests royalty; green is said to speak of healing powers; and black stands for mystery and protection.  

2) Butterfly Birthmark Meaning 

Many people have heard of butterfly-shaped birthmarks on the body, but are unaware of their powerful symbolism. These unique birthmarks can be found in a variety of colors from yellow or orange with black dots or lines.  

There is an interesting significance behind these beautiful marks and it serves to bring joy and happiness for the entire life of the person who bears them.  

3) Heart-Shaped Birthmark Meanings 

Do you have a heart-shaped birthmark on your body? If so, then you are part of an exclusive group that carries a rare and beautiful mark of universal love and devotion.  

These birthmarks symbolize good luck and blessings from the gods. They are thought to be divine gifts that come with special powers and privileges. 

The heart-shaped birthmark is a sign of a strong emotional connection between two souls, even before they meet in this life. It represents eternal love and connection between people, regardless of gender or race.  

People with such birthmarks often feel drawn together in the most mysterious ways, as if by some unseen force connecting them through time and space.  

4) Diamond-Shaped Birthmark Meanings 

The diamond-shaped birthmark is an ancient symbol of wisdom, stability, harmony, togetherness, and a good sense of wisdom. This unique mark is a sign from the universe that the person blessed with it has been chosen for something great.  

Many cultures throughout history have associated the diamond-shaped birthmark with spiritual protection and cleansing, as well as inner strength and resilience. In addition to being a symbol of power, it’s also thought to bring luck and fortune to its bearer.  

There are even some who believe that having a diamond-shaped birthmark can be an indication of future success or potential greatness!  

Modern interpretations of this ancient symbol speak to our need for balance in all aspects of life – physical, emotional, and spiritual – while reminding us that true wisdom comes from within. 

5) Cross-Shaped Birthmark Meanings 

Cross-shaped birthmarks have long been associated with faithfulness and religious devotion. This belief dates back thousands of years, with some cultures claiming the cross-shaped birthmark was seen as a sign of protection from evil spirits.  

Many people believe that those born with this mark are blessed by God and will possess unwavering faith throughout their lives. It has also been said to be an indication of strong moral character and courage in the face of adversity.  

6) The Fleur de Lis Marks Meaning 

The Fleur de Lis mark has been associated with strength and faith for centuries, but it also carries a deeper meaning. It signifies intuition and justice.  

Those who possess this birthmark are said to have an innate sense of right and wrong. They are known to be very attuned to their environment and can pick up on subtle cues that most people miss out on.  

Additionally, they possess an inner voice that helps them make decisions with confidence. Having this powerful symbol as part of your body is something special!  

7) Strawberry Birthmark Meaning  

Are you seeing the often-mysterious strawberry birthmark on the skin of your little one? This unique, reddish-brown colored mark that can be found on a child’s arm, shoulder, or chest is often referred to as an angel’s kiss, and it is often seen in a child’s early weeks here in this world. These birthmarks are believed to be signs of fertility and abundance. 

Strawberry birthmarks have long been surrounded by myths and legends. It is thought that these marks indicate good luck for the baby who bears them – from fertility to physical health.  

According to legend, the red color of these birthmarks symbolizes fire and passion – qualities that many parents desire for their children.  

8) Straight Birthmark Meaning  

If your newborn child has a straight birthmark, it could be a sign of great fortune in the future. According to ancient beliefs, this type of birthmark may predict a prosperous mathematical future for the child.  

It is said that people with straight birthmarks have an innate talent for mathematics and will acquire quite some amount of wealth throughout their lifetime. 

These predictions are based on ancient Chinese and Indian cultures who believed that such markings were signs from the gods meant to predict the path of one’s life. 

9) Angulated Birthmark Meaning  

Birthmarks have long been viewed as mysterious symbols of special powers and abilities. According to ancient beliefs, an angulated birthmark may signify that the person has more than one personality at a time.  

This unique trait of having multiple personalities. This rare phenomenon occurs when a person experiences distinct changes in their identity, including different feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.  

It is believed that those with this mark possess an inner strength and resilience that allows them to endure difficult situations without breaking down or giving in.  

People with this condition are often able to draw on different aspects of themselves to face any challenge they may encounter head-on. They also tend to be highly creative individuals who are full of energy and enthusiasm for life!  

10) Circular, Oval, or Ring Birthmark Meaning  

Many believe that oval or circular birthmarks bring harmony, joy, and success in love, good health, longevity, and even good leadership. 

Ring birthmarks can take several different forms: an angel kiss, a stork bite, or even a more serious vascular port-wine stain.  

Angel kisses are often found on the eyelids and forehead while stork bites are typically located on the back of the neck. These types of birthmarks are usually harmless and often fade over time. 

Birthmark Colors and Their Meanings  


Birthmarks can have different colors that have unique meanings. They come in many shades including red, blue, black, brown, and even white.  

1) Brown Birthmark Meaning 

Brown birthmarks, also known as “café-au-lait” spots, are flat, oval-shaped spots that are usually light to medium brown in color. They are caused by an excess of pigment cells in the skin and are present at birth or develop in the first few months of life. Brown birthmarks are usually harmless and do not require treatment. 

People who have brown birthmarks are said to possess strong personalities, with both good qualities as well as negative ones.  

The belief is that these people are gifted or cursed depending on the outlook of the individual. This strong personality may help them get through difficult experiences in life but also may lead them down dark paths if they do not use it wisely.  

It is thought that those with brown birthmarks will experience more intense highs and lows than most people throughout their lives due to their powerful personalities. 

2) Red Birthmark Meaning 

Red birthmarks, also known as “hemangiomas,” are caused by an overgrowth of blood vessels in the skin. They can appear anywhere on the body and are usually red or purple in color.  

Red birthmarks can be flat or raised, and may be present at birth or develop within the first few weeks of life. Most red birthmarks will disappear on their own within a few years, but some may require treatment if they are causing problems such as difficulty breathing or vision impairment. 

3) Blue Birthmark Meaning 

Blue birthmarks, also known as “blue nevi,” are caused by an overgrowth of pigment-producing cells in the skin. They are usually dark blue or blue-black in color and may be flat or raised.  

Blue birthmarks are present at birth and are usually benign, but they may require treatment if they are causing problems such as irritation or discomfort. 

Dermal melanocytosis, also known as a Mongolian blue spot or a blue birthmark, is a type of birthmark that is characterized by a flat, bluish-gray to blue-black area on the skin and is typically present at birth.  

This birthmark is most commonly found on the lower back and buttocks, but it can also appear on the arms, legs, and other areas of the body.  

Dermal melanocytosis is most commonly seen in people of Asian, African, and Native American descent, and it is thought to be inherited. It is not harmful and does not require treatment, but some people may choose to have the birthmark removed for cosmetic reasons. 

4) White Birthmark Meaning 

White birthmarks, also known as “vitiligo,” are caused by a loss of pigment cells in the skin. They appear as white patches or spots on the skin and are usually present at birth or develop within the first few years of life.  

The White birthmark is not harmful and does not require treatment, but some people may choose to use cosmetics or other treatments to even out their skin tone. 

A white birthmark is often associated with having a calm, mild-tempered personality 

Final Words

Birthmarks are truly one of the most fascinating aspects of the human body. They can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and locations. Understanding their meanings can add even more intrigue – ranging from luck to spirituality.  

Whether you have them or know someone who does, birthmarks are a reminder that each individual is unique and special in their own way.  

As science continues to unravel these mysteries, so too will our understanding of birthmarks grow. It’s clear that the meaning of birthmarks is an exciting area of exploration and one which we should all take time to appreciate more deeply.

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