7 Spiritual Meanings of Dove & Symbolism (Visiting You!)


A dove with open wings carrying an olive branch is a symbol of peace that has been used in politics, religion, and history for a long time. But what does a dove mean to us spiritually in our daily lives besides the fact that it is a common symbol?

When doves show up simultaneously, they mean hope, faith, a fresh start, compassion, purity, and intuitive communication. They may appear when hard times are coming to an end, and a new understanding of oneself is coming to the fore. When a dove is around, it brings energy back into balance, creates harmony, and makes people feel at peace.

When these gentle creatures appear in your life, be ready to explore the spiritual depths of your existence. They make people think about the deeper meanings of life, so each person has a different take on what they mean.

This article talks about the most common things when you see a dove, the most common spiritual questions about doves, and a general way to understand what doves are trying to say. Please use your gut to determine what makes sense for you and your situation.

The dove is a symbol of peace, unconditional love, and rebirth. Seeing a single dove can be a reminder to resist urges while seeing a pair of doves is usually associated with relationships and reassurance that all is well. The mourning dove also symbolizes inner peace even in difficult times.

Dove Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism


1) Try to get along with someone

Doves usually mean peace and unity, as we’ve seen, so if you see one in real life or in a dream, it could mean you need to make peace with someone.

Have you been fighting with someone in your life? Is there a connection that needs to be fixed? So then, seeing a dove could mean that now is the right time to fix things instead of letting them worsen.

2) Trust your partner

Doves are a sign of love and loyalty that lasts, so if you see one, it could mean that your relationship is strong. On the other hand, if you start to doubt your partner, a dove can remind you that you should put more trust in them.

If you are always jealous and keep an eye on what your partner does, your relationship will never grow correctly. Instead, you should learn to trust your partner so your relationship can grow.

3) Don’t give in to the urge to cheat

On the other hand, seeing a dove may remind you to be faithful to your partner. Do you find yourself tempted by someone else right now? Are you almost ready to cheat on your partner? Then seeing a dove is a clear sign that you should fight your urges. If you don’t, you may regret it later.

4) A couple of doves

When you see a pair of doves, it’s a sign that you must work on your love life. If you’re already in a relationship, this message should make you feel like everything is fine.

But, on the other hand, if you’re single and looking for love, this message could mean that your soulmate is about to come into your life.

5) Take time for quiet thought

Doves are thought to be pure and close to God because of their beautiful white feathers. However, seeing one can signify that you need to spend more time on the spiritual side of your life.

Are you too caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Then it’s time to take a step back and ensure you remember your spiritual growth.

6) Time to get better

Doves are signs of healing in many cultures, so if you see one, it may signify that it’s time to heal. For example, did something terrible happen to you in the past that you’re still upset about? Are you clinging to the past despite knowing it’s making you unhappy?

If this is the case, seeing a dove can signify that you need to let go of the past to heal yourself. This is the only way to come out of the situation stronger and happier.

7) Freedom and independence

All birds, including doves, can send messages about freedom and independence. Want more freedom and independence for yourself? In a relationship, at work, or in life as a whole? Then seeing a dove might mean you need to do something to get the freedom and independence you want.

Or maybe you’re holding back someone else, like a partner, family member, or friend. In that case, this message tells you that you need to give them the space they need by letting them have their freedom.

What Does It Mean If You Have An Encounter With A Dove?

People don’t usually get close to wild birds, so when a dove comes close to a person, it’s a special moment. If a dove comes to you, you might wonder what it means on a spiritual level. Here are some of the most common things doves do and what they usually mean.

1) When a dove comes to visit you

When a dove visits you, it brings balance, patience, and a reminder of how important it is to live your life on purpose. If you have been feeling out of sorts lately, a dove may come to you to help you get your life back in balance.

Most of the time, dove visits are about letting go of resistance and going with where the spiritual flow is taking you. Now is the time to just “let” things happen without trying to control them or make them go a certain way based on your old expectations. This is a season of fresh starts and rebirth.

You might also see a dove after a time of loss or trouble. This is a message from the spirit world: you are surrounded by unconditional love and protected by your spiritual guides. The hard time you are going through will soon be over.

2) When a dove flies across your path

If a dove crosses your path while walking, you are a peacemaker. You are asked to look at a conflict from a place of neutrality and acceptance and see it from all sides.

Now is a great time to put aside your usual beliefs and look at the situation without letting your emotions or feelings get in the way. Doves ask you to step outside what most people think and take a different point of view.

If political or social issues upset you, now might be a good time to take a break from the news or go on a meditation retreat. You might be surprised by what you see when there’s no noise around.

When a dove crosses your path, it’s also a sign that you should be kind, work with others, and accept everyone, no matter their beliefs.

But, unfortunately, you might soon find yourself in a situation where you have to help other people get what is different and love their neighbors.

3) When a dove lands near or on you

Doves aren’t as scared of people as most other birds are, so it’s not unusual for one to land close to you or even on you. However, when a dove chooses to land near you, it is extraordinary, so take a moment to be fully present and listen to what is happening inside and outside you.

If a dove lands near you, you should stay calm, even if your life seems out of control. A dove may land on you when you are stressed or worried to make you feel better.

If you notice that doves often land near you, it means that you have a calm temperament and are good at controlling your feelings. You don’t let short-term changes in how you feel keep you from living life to the fullest.

Even though you may not always be the most optimistic or happy person, you are trustworthy, honest, and genuine. You know that life isn’t always good or bad, so you stay the same even when things go up and down.

When you are very upset about something in your life, a dove may land on you to tell you to be patient. The longer it takes to reach your goal, the more frustrated you are. Under the surface of your life, spiritual energy is moving, and a dove is telling you to trust that things are going exactly as they should.

4) When a dove follows you

When a dove follows you, it could mean that you are going through a time of relearning about your life. You might be thinking about yourself more than usual and wondering what your bigger purpose is on Earth. A dove follows you as you pursue your soul’s deepest desires.

Seeing a dove means that now is the time to follow your soul’s desires and discover more about your spiritual life. Now is an excellent time to be completely honest with yourself and be brave enough to make significant changes in your life to follow your dreams.

5) When a dove is near or in your home

Seeing a dove near your house is a good sign that peace will come after a hard time. It’s a peace offering from the universe that lets you know you’re about to have a time of rest.

This rest time should give you time to think about how you’ve changed because of your recent challenges. It’s a time to think about what lessons you’ve learned in this life that you’re ready to leave behind.

If a dove makes a nest near your house or comes to visit often, this signifies that you are open to Divine love and creative energy and are ready to receive it. The space around you is holy.

Setting aside time every day to meditate at home or in your garden can help you feel better if you are restless or sick.

When a dove comes to your home, it signifies renewed hope and untapped potential. It also means that you’re becoming more grateful for life. You are beginning to see how lucky you are.

Now is a quiet time when you can help others with your love and care. Having people over to your house can be fun for you and spiritually uplifting for them.

6) When a dove lands on your window sill

Seeing a dove at your window means you must let magic back into your life. Now is the time to open the blinds and let the golden sun of your highest vibrations pour back into your energetic space.

Imagine that your highest vibrational energy is being called back from everywhere it has been left behind and is filling up your auric field. A dove at your window means that your point is getting better.

A dove at the window shows that your dreams can come true if you believe. So now is a great time to dream as big as possible and look through the window into new possibilities.

7) When a dove hits your window

A dove coming to your window signifies new opportunities and healing energy, but a dove hitting the window means something completely different. This could mean you spend too much time in your dream world and need more time in the real world.

You might lose your sense of self while daydreaming about things that will never happen. On the other hand, this could be a sign to remind you to live fully in the present moment, where new opportunities are born.

If you’ve been putting off a project, avoiding a challenging task, or feeling too restless, and then a dove flies into your window, it’s a sign that you’re putting too much energy into the future. So, many new things could happen to you, but you will only take time in the present to start making them happen.

8) When a dove lands in your yard

If you have doves in your yard, you are kind and caring. You might have a lot of money and want to give it to other people now. This doesn’t have to be material wealth; it could also be emotional, creative, or spiritual health. Find something you can give to other people and tell the world about it.

Dream About Dove: Spiritual Meanings and Interpretations

Here are five possible interpretations of a dream about a dove:

1) Peace and love: Doves are often associated with peace and love, so dreaming about a dove could symbolize these qualities in your own life or a desire for more peace and love.

2) Spiritual enlightenment: Doves are also associated with spirituality and the soul, so a dove in a dream could be a symbol of spiritual enlightenment or a higher state of consciousness.

3) New beginnings: Doves are often seen as symbols of new beginnings, so dreaming about a dove could represent a fresh start or a new phase in your life.

4) Message from the subconscious: Doves are often seen as messengers, so dreaming about a dove could be a message or guidance from your subconscious mind.

5) A symbol of hope: Seeing a dove in a dream could be a symbol of hope, renewal, and the possibility of positive change.

Final Words

Getting a visit from a dove is a unique experience that can lead to self-reflection and spiritual insights. A dove may help you on your spiritual path and show you the peaceful warrior’s way as you move toward your destiny.

They stand for peace, harmony, rebirth, intuitive growth, spiritual growth, and emotional mastery.

This is just one way to think about what a dove means spiritually. However, everyone has their spiritual language.

Use your intuition to determine if this information fits with the context of your dove visitation, and try to come up with your interpretations. You might be surprised by the message when you meditate and try to figure out what it means.


The spiritual meaning of doves varies depending on who you talk to. Generally, they symbolize hope, faith, renewed purpose, compassion, purity, intuitive communication, Divine love, and dynamic creative energy.

If a dove takes up residence near your home or visits often, this is a sign that you are open and receptive to the Divine love and dynamic creative energy. Having a visitation from a dove is a special experience and may open up new opportunities for spiritual growth.

It can also be a call to find unconditional love and respect within yourself. In many cultures, a pair of doves are symbolic of unbroken connections that transcend time and distance.

For the ancient Greeks, doves were symbols of rebirth, love, immortality, and maternal energy, while in other cultures they represent peace after a period of stress and hardship, as well as eternal peace on Earth.

Seeing a dove can be a powerful spiritual message. It could mean that your relationship is strong or be a reminder to stay faithful to your partner. Alternatively, it could be an indication that you need to make more time for the spiritual side of your life or that the spirit of your loved one has come.

The mourning dove symbolism speaks of maintaining inner peace even amid a storm and if there are multiple grey doves then this could have its own spiritual meaning too.

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