14 Spiritual Meanings of Black Cat & Symbolism (Crosses Path!)


Some people get scared when they see a black cat. Others stay away from them because they are harder to frame in a way that looks good on Instagram.

During Halloween, more people want to adopt black cats, but many shelters turn them down in case they are used in a trick or as part of a witch costume.

In either case, the cat could soon be hurt or left behind. Tragically, black cats have the lowest likelihood of being adopted from cat shelters throughout other seasons of the year.

But what do black cats mean spiritually, and what do they stand for? You’d be surprised at how some things can bring luck. Let’s find out!!

Seeing a black cat is associated with different spiritual meanings and symbolism depending on the culture and individual perception. In some cultures, it is seen as a sign of good luck, prosperity, and protection, while in others it is seen as a symbol of mystery and secrecy.

It has also been associated with witches and the idea of having powers. In some parts of the world, it is thought to be a good sign if a black cat comes to your house. Invoking Black Cat as a power animal is only for those who are ready to break free from prejudice and persecution.

Seeing a black cat in dreams may point towards a need to reconnect with the feminine within or the Feminine Divine.

Seeing a Black Cat Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism


1) Money and Happiness

Many people believe that black cats are unlucky. Most drivers will slow down when they see a black cat crossing the road in India. For instance, panthers and tigers will travel an open area before stopping or sitting to inspect their tracks.

Because this position appears so human, people would stand and wait in the mistaken belief that the cats were glancing in their direction.

But in many old stories, black cats were thought to bring wealth. Most cats like to get gifts like a dead rat, frog, or bird to their owners.

Therefore, you may catch a matagot or mandagot in some cultures by feeding it chicken and then transporting it home without turning around.

Every day, if you offered your matagot the first taste of your food or drink, it would reward you with a gold coin.

2) Safe Passage At Sea

Sailors and conquerors crossed the oceans on boats and ships that look rickety now. This is how they found new worlds. Sails and oars were used to move the ships; it was a miracle that anyone returned home.

And since rats were often on these ships, bringing a cat or two along them made sense. People in Britain and Ireland thought that black cats were fortunate.

People thought they were powerful protectors, so it cost a lot of money to buy one and put it on a boat. In other places, fishermen’s wives usually kept a black cat at home and took good care of it because they believed it would make sure their husbands came home safely.

England and Ireland are both islands, so most of the people who lived some sailors valued these dark cats.

3) Bad Luck And Evil

One of the most common misunderstandings about black cats is that they are witches. People often think of them as friends. People believe these magical companions of witches and wizards can do things like an astral project.

Some can even pretend to be people or hold the soul of the person who owns them. So, they are a sign of death.

This is also why many people believe that demons use black cats. One old belief says that if you see a black cat, you should move back three (or thirteen) steps to avoid its bad energy.

Some people kill black cats as soon as they see them, so they don’t spread evil. It is generally advised to turn around and head back home if one is seen crossing the road in front of you.

4) Love and Getting Married

People think of cats, especially black cats, as helpful guardians because they scare away rats and snakes. In Old England, black kittens were often given as wedding gifts.

It makes sense because these mainly were agricultural communities, and the cats would keep rodents from eating food in gardens, granaries, and silos.

So, people came to believe that black cats were good luck because they brought wealth in the form of good crops. And by killing pests that spread disease, the cats ensure that their owner’s family lives long and strong.

In a faraway island nation, single women would get black cats because it was thought they would attract husbands. Today, though, it’s the opposite!

5) Good News For Theatre People

We have already talked about why and how farmers love cats of any color. But in Norse culture, Freya rode a chariot pulled by two black cats.

Farmers would leave Freya’s cats milk from their cows (even though we now know most cats are lactose intolerant). In exchange, Freya would give them a good harvest. What about writers, musicians, and actors?

Cats are flexible and independent, making them a good pet for people in the arts with weird show schedules. But even when Shakespeare was alive, people thought seeing a black cat in the crowd would make the show a hit.

6) Pirate Booty And Treasure

We’ve already talked about mandagots and how they’d give you a gold coin every day if you let them eat before you at every meal. We’ve also talked about the practical and spiritual reasons sailors loved them.

So, it makes sense that black cats would be on pirate ships. And that these black cats would know the best places to hide.

This could be why the ancient Gauls thought black cats were natural ways to find hidden treasure. People thought that if you caught a matagot and took it to a place with five paths, the cat would show you the way to the treasure.

It would choose the road to the home of the last person who owned it, a pirate with a hidden gem. So, they became known as people who found secret money.

7) Good Luck or Bad Luck, Depending on Which Way You Look

Some of us need help telling right from left. If you live in Germany, this can be a problem. Long before the Nazis came to power, the Bavarians and other tribes had strong pagan traditions, such as fertility rituals and feasts where people were killed.

So, people both feared and respected black cats. If a cat crossed in front of you and then turned around, it was thought to be a sign.

This makes sense because cats have such sharp senses that if they avoid a specific spot, you should too! Still, it was bad luck if a cat crossed your path while walking from right to left.

But if it were walking from left to right, you’d be lucky for the rest of the day. Also, like us, Germans drive on the right side of the road.

8) White Hair magic, if You can Find it

We think of Turkey as the country where people love cats the most. But, interestingly, a 2020 survey showed that Germany and France have the most cats as pets.

So it’s not strange to hear about a French spiritual story about black cats. People think every black cat has one white hair that gives it its magic.

If you can catch the cat without getting scratched and find the white hair, it means the cat likes you and will bring you money, success, and good luck.

This is an old myth, but many black cats have grey or white hair when sick. This has nothing to do with tuxedo cats with white chests or necks.

8) Guardians for the Home and Energy Sensors

Science has shown that cats can see and hear things humans can’t. This is why they will stop and stare into space for a while, then growl, hiss, or run away. They love to do this during the witching hours for some reason.

We, humans, think they’re looking at ghosts or spirits and trying to warn us about evil forces that we can’t see. And by purring, they can heal wounds.

The frequencies of their purrs range from 25Hz to 140Hz, which has been shown to help bones heal faster. They may have nine lives because of this.

Cats can assist you in determining if someone in your social group is up to no good based on all these extrasensory abilities. Since black cats are very sensitive familiars, they can pick up on bad psychic vibes and even find sick cells.

9) Having Children and Being Healthy

The ancient Egyptians worshiped a goddess named Bast or Bastet. She was the goddess of both fertility and sickness, and statues of her often showed her as a black cat wearing jewels.

This makes sense since Egypt needed the Nile Basin to flood to stay alive and have a good agricultural economy. And, of course, cats kept rats and other rodents away from crops.

Cat amulets were worn by a lot of people to protect them from bad things. Bastet was thought to protect homes, women, and childbirth, possibly because cats stay home all day and sleep for nearly 20 hours.

Cats also seem sneaky and mysterious, so it was thought that Bastet would protect the secrets and treasures of matriarchs. When men were not around, they kept evil spirits away.

10) What the Devil Looks Like

This idea could have come from two different places. People thought witches kept their souls in black cats, so they would attack the cats to kill the witch, who was sometimes just a lonely old woman who kept cats for company.

People also thought these witches would change at night into black cats to hide in the dark and cast their spells.

But Pope Gregory IX makes a more direct link. When Catholicism started to grow, church leaders took on some pagan practices and banned others. There were a lot of pagans who worshipped black cats, so the pope made it official that black cats were a sign of the devil to stop people from being pagans.

The idea stuck, which is sad. He also prevented people from eating horses, a common practice in pagan religions.

11) The Power of the Person in Magic

Some people say that when the pope said black cats were bad, many of them were killed, and their deaths helped the black plague spread more quickly.

But Christianity has such a strong hold on French culture that even today, some people will spit over their shoulders three times when they see a black cat. This is because cats were once thought to bring wealth.

The US and the UK have set aside a day for Black Cats (August 17th in the US and October 27th in the UK). Cats are more independent than dogs, so they sometimes stand for personal power in the magical world.

It means that if you put yourself into your magic instead of just using spells and incantations, your magic will be more potent. Invest yourself in the rituals.

12) Spiritual Growth and Seeing the Big Picture

All kittens have blue eyes at birth because of the way their genes are programmed, and they shift to their permanent hue between two and three months later.

And black cats can only have green or golden eyes unless they have heterochromia, in which case they might have one blue eye. Because black cats are often used as familiars, the color of their eyes has a spiritual meaning. So, what does that mean?

Golden eyes (or yellow eyes) are a sign of extrasensory vision, so these cats can help you see into other dimensions more clearly. But if your familiar has green eyes, it means you are growing, wise and knowledgeable in the spirit world.

A magical scribe might like a black cat with green eyes, while a psychic might like a cat with golden eyes. (But technically, your cat is the one who picks you.)

13) Things from Past Lives that weren’t Finished

A meme that circulated in the epidemic’s early stages claimed that we have all transformed into felines because we sleep, eat, avoid others, and clean ourselves constantly.

There were also a lot of stories about how our dogs were happy that we were home all day and how our cats were stressed out by our presence and just wanted us to leave.

But on a more serious note, if a cat is your totem, it might mean you like to snack, sleep, and keep to yourself. It could also mean that you are flexible, adaptable, and quickly get into (and out of) tight spots.

Sages say that all of your unique skills mean you have unfinished business from a past life. That’s why you chose a ninja totem with nine parts.

14) Be Careful with what You do

People say that the cat’s curiosity killed it but that its hunger brought it back. (At least nine times!) And if you have a cat, you know how they can get into tricky and sometimes scary situations.

But while all cats take unknown risks that are hard to explain, black cats are more likely to be hurt. They are harder to spot in dark places, and many people already don’t like them.

Black cats are more likely to hurt themselves when sniffing around. So, a black cat totem may tell you to be more careful and use your ability to blend in carefully. You need to have self-confidence, just like cats do.

Don’t believe the people who talk about you behind your back and say you’re bad or unlucky. You are beautiful, strong, and lucky.

What Does Seeing A Black Cat in a Dream Mean Spiritually?

1) Good Luck

Seeing a black cat in a dream is often thought to be a sign of good luck, especially if the cat is friendly and approachable. This could mean that you are about to experience good fortune in your life, whether it be in a financial, personal, or professional sense.

It could also symbolize good luck in terms of relationships, health, or other areas of your life.

2) Mystery and Magic

Black cats are often associated with magic and mystery, so seeing one in a dream may symbolize a secret or hidden aspect of your life that you need to explore.

This dream could be a sign that there is something going on in your subconscious that you are not aware of yet, and it may be a clue to uncover some hidden truths about yourself or your situation.

3) Fear and Negativity

A black cat in a dream can also represent fear or negativity in your life. If the cat is aggressive or unapproachable, it may symbolize a feeling of fear or threat in your waking life.

This could be related to a specific person, situation, or event that is causing you stress or worry. Alternatively, it may represent a general sense of fear or negativity that you are experiencing in your life.

4) Independence and Self-Sufficiency

Black cats are often seen as independent and self-sufficient animals. Seeing one in a dream may symbolize your own independence and self-sufficiency, or the need to develop these qualities in yourself.

This dream may be encouraging you to take control of your life, rely on your own resources, and be less dependent on others. It could also be a sign that you are ready to take on new challenges and to be more self-reliant.

5) Shadow Self

A black cat in a dream can also represent your shadow self, the part of yourself that you keep hidden from others. This dream may be a reminder to explore and understand your hidden thoughts and emotions.

It may be encouraging you to look at the darker aspects of yourself, such as your fears, desires, and insecurities, and to integrate them into your conscious self. This could bring a sense of wholeness and completeness to your life.

Back Cat Crossing Your Path: Myths, Superstitions, and Omens

1) Bad Luck

One of the most common superstitions associated with a black cat crossing your path is that it is a sign of bad luck. This belief dates back to the Middle Ages when black cats were often associated with witchcraft and evil.

However, it’s worth noting that this belief is not universally held and some cultures see the black cat as a symbol of good luck.

2) Mystery and Magic

Black cats are often associated with magic and mystery, so seeing one crossing your path may symbolize a hidden aspect of your life that is about to be revealed. It could be a sign that you should pay more attention to your intuition and be open to new experiences and possibilities.

3) Spiritual Awakening

A black cat crossing your path could also be a sign of a spiritual awakening. The cat is often seen as a spirit guide, and its appearance could be a message from the spirit world.

4) Protection

In some cultures, black cats were believed to have the power to protect against evil spirits and negative energy. Seeing a black cat cross your path could be a sign that your guardian spirits are watching over you, and that you are protected.

5) Change

Seeing a black cat crossing your path could also be a sign of change. The cat is often seen as a symbol of adaptability, and its appearance could be a reminder to be open to change and to go with the flow.

Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Black Cat

In Christianity and the Bible, there is no specific mention or symbolism of black cats. The Bible doesn’t provide any teachings or beliefs about black cats, and they are not referenced in any religious texts or stories.

However, during the Middle Ages, black cats were associated with witchcraft and evil, which led to a negative perception of them in Christian societies. This may have contributed to the superstition that a black cat crossing your path is a sign of bad luck.

It’s worth noting that the Bible teaches that all animals are created by God and are a part of His creation and that they should be treated with respect and kindness. Therefore, the biblical teachings do not support the negative beliefs and superstitions often associated with black cats.

It’s important to remember that Christianity teaches that all living creatures are created by God and have a purpose and that it is not appropriate to harm or mistreat animals based on superstition or misinformation.

Final Words

You’ve probably seen a black cat or thought about one when you were getting ready to do something meaningful. This happens all the time, and many people worry about it. We’ve gone over all the different things that black cats can mean.

If you see a black cat now, you should know what it means. Different people have different ideas about what it means. You shouldn’t worry too much about black cats because they won’t hurt you.

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