11 Biblical and Spiritual Meanings of Sex in a Dream


Dreaming about having sex is a spiritual thing that you should never ignore. Different religions, tribes, and cultures have given this dream a lot of different meanings.

All of these will be talked about in this article. But it’s important to know that there’s a biological reason for sex dreams.

People think that having sex dreams is one way that men get rid of extra sperm. In this dream, you will feel better after you have an orgasm. Because of this, having wet dreams in science is not seen as a bad sign.

But in the spiritual world, this belief does mean other things. People think this dream is a vital sign that can tell them much about their lives.

If people ignore how often it happens, it could lead to many bad things and changes. But it should also be said that having this dream doesn’t always mean something bad will happen.


Sex in dreams can hold emotional, spiritual, and physical significance. However, some Christian theologians and traditional healers attribute such dreams to the influence of Satan and his demonic minions.

On the other hand, some sources suggest that having sexual dreams with one’s spouse can be a sign of a high level of intimacy and love for each other. Furthermore, sex dreams can symbolize spiritual defilement or a covenant.

Spiritual Meanings of Having Sex in A Dream


Now that we’ve discussed some important questions about making love in a dream let’s talk about the different spiritual meanings that can come from it.

1) Getting intimate with your ex

This dream means you secretly want to get back together with someone from your past. Is this a positive or negative omen?

We cannot tell. This is a neutral message. If you decide to get back together, you have to be ready for the results, whether they are good or bad.

2) You are stuck in the past

When you dream about making out with an ex, it’s a spiritual sign that you’re still stuck in the past.

  • This is not a good sign from the spirit world.
  • Your past should stay in the past.

Keeping hold of the past shows that you don’t want to move forward. This is why your dream came from the spiritual world.

3) You want your spouse to love you

If you dream about making love to your partner, it could mean that your marriage isn’t as strong as it should be. People think it shows that you want your partner to love you. Starting a conversation is the best course of action in this circumstance.

4) You and someone else has the same trait

People think that having a sex dream means that you have similar traits. For example, if you dream of making out with a famous person or someone you admire, it means you have the same trait as the person you look up to. Also, this could signify that you and that person will end up in the same place.

5) Can’t handle feelings

In a dream, making out puts pressure on you, indicating that your emotions are out of control. This means that your emotional life is out of whack. It means you need help keeping yourself in check.

When you have this dream, give yourself time to keep your emotions in check. If you find it hard to do this, you should talk to a therapist or spiritual elders like psychics for help.

6) Don’t hold on to bad habits

Spiritually, if you make out with someone from your past in a dream, you are still holding on to bad habits. This message is a sign from the spirit world that something is wrong.

It warns you about these bad habits and helps you see how you could change and become a better person.

7) A spiritual attack

Another thing you can learn from this kind of dream is that you will be attacked. According to the Bible, if you have sex with a dead person, it indicates that you have a spirit spouse.

This is an attack on your spirit, and you must pray hard to stop it. People can’t get married or have babies if they have this kind of dream.

8) A life of happiness

You can’t find anything else that feels as good as having an orgasm. Because of this, one of the messages from sex dreams says to live a life full of pleasure. It is given to remind you not to live a life full of stress and no happiness.

This dream is telling you to make time to have fun. Be happy always, and don’t let anything take away your joy and freedom.

9) You need to show the world what you can do

People who have sex with strangers whose faces are covered may find it hard to show what they are capable of.

This type of dream is a spiritual message that you need to identify your strengths and promote them to others. Let this message motivate and inspire you to do great things.

10) Stop being addicted to sexual activity

If you are sexually addicted and have a dream about having sex with blood stains, this is a sign that you need to stop being sexually addicted. It’s dangerous to be sexually addicted.

Through it, we can get other demonic thoughts, actions, and ways of thinking. Therefore, having a dream of this nature should forewarn you against it and motivate you to do away with it as soon as possible.

11) Don’t let anyone else decide how happy you are

Dreaming about having sex with a stranger is a sign from the spiritual world. This message is meant to help you think better. When you let other people affect your happiness, you will start to have dreams like this.

So, keep an eye out for it. If you get this sign from the universe, you are letting too many people control your happiness, which you should stop doing.

Biblical Meaning of Sex in A Dream

The Bible doesn’t like it when people make love in their dreams. It sees it as a sign of evil and spiritual attack.

God doesn’t like it when people have this kind of sex in their dreams. But there is one case where this isn’t true.

When you have a dream about having sex with your wife or husband, it means that you love each other more than ever. God can give you this “strange” dream to show how much you care about each other.

But if you dream about having sex with any of the following people, it’s a bad sign.

  • Getting intimate with someone who is not your spouse.
  • When you make love to a dead husband or wife
  • Having sex with someone you hate in your dreams.

All of these groups of people are signs of bad things to come. God doesn’t like this.

People think you should go to a church ritual to clean yourself. Also, pray against the devil’s attempts to hurt you.

Having Sex in A Dream With Someone You Know Meaning

People think that this kind of dream shows a link between them. If you dream about having sex with someone you know, you miss that person or have a strong connection with them.

People often use this dream to show how they feel about someone they already know. Not necessarily your spouse. It might be a close friend, an ally, or someone you used to be close to.

Are Erotic Dreams A Good Spiritual Sign?

Yes, they are a good sign from the spirit world. In other places, wet and sexual dreams are seen as good signs, which goes against some traditions.

Because this kind of dream can help you see things from different points of view, it also makes real love and friendship grow between friends.

Sex dreams don’t always mean a spiritual attack, a sin, or something else bad. They might be the universe’s way of telling you that you’re a wonderful buddy.

Sometimes, they help couples find the love and passion they used to have for each other. So, try to think positively about this dream.

Should I Be Concerned?

Yes, you should worry about it. First of all, it’s strange to have these kinds of dreams, especially if you’ve never had erotic thoughts or watched an erotic movie right before bed.

With this kind of dream, you can get a lot of important messages that you shouldn’t forget.

No matter what, you should never ignore signs from the spirit world. Dreams about making love or having sex can also be signs from the spirit world.

So, pay close attention to what they say. Your spiritual experience with this kind of dream tells a lot about you.

Final Words

Well, listen to your dreams more. This article gives you the best information about this dream that you can get.

When it comes up, you can use this article as a spiritual tool to help you figure out what to do. With a dream like this, you can find out what you can do.

Find your real friends, be happy in your romantic relationship, and get your mind in good shape.

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